Frontera Sauvignon Blanc – For Wedding Decor

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Talk about a relaxing Thursday night. Kyle and I took the whole evening to cook and eat dinner, enjoy a glass of wine, and relax. I’ve been burnt out mentally with school and anything that sounded like work wasn’t going to happen. So, Kyle suggested we catch up on some of our DVR that has been sitting there a couple weeks, which was pretty much the perfect way to spend the evening. Along with some ‘hide and seek’ (aka wrap yourself in a blanket until puppy squeezes his way in there – he always does) with puppy dog. That always brings a few good laughs!

The relaxing continued to this morning. I’v slept in until 6 AM the last couple of days, instead of my usually 5:00-5:30 routine during the week. I’m pretty sure my crispy, burnt-up brain needed that extra down time. It has been wonderful!
Anyhow, let’s get back to wine. I bought this bottle a couple weeks ago. Mainly for the $9.99 sticker on it.
I’ve bought a Frontera wine before and was happy with it, so I figured I couldn’t really go wrong!
This Sauvignon Blanc was very smooth. Very fruity, not too acidic. I couldn’t decide what fruit stuck out the most, but according to the website it has peachy aromas. I can get down with that.
You may be seeing lots more wine popping up on here. Or I might just keep it all in secret because I might be drinking a lot. I’ve decided to incorporate clear wine bottles into centerpieces for our wedding decor next spring. And the corks too. 
Not sure what color I’d spray paint yet, probably gold if I do. But I like the grouping.
Bottles wrapped in twine, tied up or with buttons, or with ribbon and book pages.
Easy. Cute. Fabulous.
Now I need to start putting my ideas to use before I am living in a pile of wine bottles!
Have a fabulous weekend, friends! What is your favorite wine lately?

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