Free Photo Editing Programs

Free Photo Editing Programs

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Coming at ya today with Blog Tip Friday! Today is a [quick tip] I pulled together after doing some research for myself.

Good images in a blog post can do a lot to enhance the content and draw readers back to your website. It’s especially important for food bloggers IMO!

I use Photoshop for editing. I don’t remember how expensive it is. It can be complicated to use all the features, until you learn it that is. I’m still learning tons of stuff about the program.

free photo editing programs

I wanted to explore some free options that are easy to use. Here is what I came up with.

Photoscape I just started using this program. So far, it looks pretty great! You have a lot of the same options as Photoshop for editing brightness and contrast, etc which I do a lot with my food pictures.

PicMonkey I love this program. You can get a lot more options for upgrading to the premium version, which I did. I thought it was worth the $30! So many cool features. Check out this great beginner’s guide to learn more!

PowerPoint – I’ve actually used this a lot! You have options to edit brightness and contrast on pictures. There is a ‘set transparent color’ option that is cool, but only works well for high resolution images. You can import as many fonts as you want for images too. I was very comfortable with this program, which is why I didn’t branch out much when I first started blogging.

Gimp I have not used this myself, but it looks pretty good.

You can read more about all these and others here!

Tell me…
What programs do you use to edit photos?

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