Food Photography Surfaces Part II

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food photography surfaces

Last time I showed you my white and brown food photography surfaces. Those turned out fabulous! I’ve been using my white surface quite a bit. You may have noticed it in my creamy garlic hummus recipe I posted this week!

creamy garlic hummus 600

I still had the reverse sides of each of those surfaces to paint. I had purchased a grey and a turquoise-ish color that I wanted to use.

For the brown and white surfaces, I did a full coat of paint for each of them. I wanted to try a different technique with the grey and the turquoise, because I wanted some of the actual wood to show through the paint.

For the gray, I barely dipped the brush in the paint, and did long strokes to try and drag the paint out farther, but get a thinner coat. There was very little paint on the brush at any time.

food photography props 3

The first coat looked like this. It was a bit choppy looking, so I knew I’d have to apply a second coat try and even it out.

food photography props 4

I think the second coat turned out a little bit better. I might eventually add a third coat to it. I’m not 100% sold on this color, so I might end up painting the whole thing gray, and then brushing a lighter coat of white or turquoise over it so it has some extra dimension.

food photography props

For the turquoise, I did a different approach. I mixed the paint half and half with water. This created a paint that was more like a stain, and brushed onto the wood surface pretty easily.

food photography props 2

I was a little happier with the color of this one! I haven’t used it for any food photos yet though, so we will see if I stick with it!

So far, though, I think the white is my favorite over all!

Click here for the full tutorial on these cheap and easy food photography surfaces!

two food photography surfaces for $12

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