Choose FOOD, Not Drugs, For Weight Loss

Choose FOOD, Not Drugs, For Weight Loss

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I read an article yesterday that really struck a nerve with me.

An online survey was conducted with 39,000 participants about effective methods for weight loss. The outcome? The majority of Americans say that surgery and weight loss drugs give overall greater satisfaction than diet and exercise alone.

The principal investigator of the study then said that 58% of the people in the survey were not currently taking any measures to lose weight.

It seems like something is very wrong here. I know that my own healthy living journey might not be this significant, however, I have friends who have made amazing progress on their own weight loss journeys.

No, diet and exercise might not be easy. And it takes TIME. But in the end, wouldn’t it be the better option? Not only to know you did it on your own, but to avoid pain from a surgery? I quite honestly don’t know much about what ‘weight loss drugs’ are popular these days. But I can say I would not be an advocate for them. Appetite suppressants maybe? That sounds depressing to me. Why not find a healthy food that you love to fuel your body, instead of using drugs that mess with it?

Perhaps some of these in the survey have a medical condition that interferes with their weight loss, or even caused their weight gain. I cannot say, and I likely don’t have the place to say.

But I still ask the question – Why do people automatically choose ‘quick fixes’ instead of the long term goal?

Well, you can find online that bariatric surgery is not a quick fix. Maybe it is the only option for some people. Fat burners, appetite supressants, and other weight loss drugs are, most definitely, quick fixes. I consider these all ‘quick fixes’ because you do not learn how to properly fuel your body while using these. Whether you’re losing 5 or 50 pounds, I can’t see these as good options. Once you stop taking them, who is to say you know how to keep the weight off?

I’m sure many misunderstand ‘diet’ for ‘be a starving, kale-eating zombie’ because that is what seems ‘popular’ these days.

I am a believer that food is not only fuel, it is medicine. It can make you healthier in more ways than just losing weight.

I also believe that for many, this type of knowledge wasn’t enforced like it should have been at a young enough age. Instead of enforcing knowledge about a healthy diet, many were force-fed countless unhealthy options that seem too easy to pass up.

You don’t have to eat only kale to lose weight. In fact, you don’t have to eat those bitter greens at all if you don’t want to. I don’t!

We’ve talked about how eating healthy is affordable. We’ve talked about the importance of being healthy – like, the real importance of it – not size 2 bikini bottoms. We also know that balance is just as important as anything.

Learn how to eat healthy without sacrificing. Learn the best fitness routines for you. Find ways to move that you love. Eat the best you can, exercise the best you can, and balance it out with things you love in between.

My hope is that education can be taken as a preventative measure for illness and disease caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Education can lead to a longer life, without the help of surgery or drugs. And it should start at a young age.

If you are on your weight loss journey, don’t give up! You can get there. I believe it, and so should you.

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