Where to Find New WordPress Themes

Where to Find New WordPress Themes

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You may have noticed a new format around here.

I’ve been wanting something new since switched from Blogger to WordPress. I settled on a free WordPress theme to start out with to learn how WordPress worked.

It was more self restraint than anything. Typically I like to jump the gun and buy the first thing I see. I knew that whatever theme I decided to eventually buy was one I should stick with for a while, so I needed to make sure it was a good fit for what I envisioned.

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What I found was pretty close. Still working on some design elements I think I can code, but I’ll get there in time. I’d really love to design my own theme some day, but until then, this one will do!

I did a fairly thorough search for new themes. I stalked down the developers from websites I liked. I Googled.

Ok well, I guess that’s pretty much all I did. There were so many I liked, I couldn’t even keep track of them all. Here’s a list of resources and developers I found that might interest you if you’re also looking for a new theme.

  • Rich WP – I liked the simplicity of many of these themes
  • Magazine3 – I really loved a lot of these themes. I almost bought The Stylist, but ended up choosing against it. The template itself looked really great, and there were a lot of positive reviews of the themes. I felt like it was too much for a blog, though.
  • NW Designs – This is who designed The SITS Girls site. But, it’s a custom designer, and I wanted a template I could purchase.
  • Swoon CreativePB Fingers recently got a redesign by Swoon Creative. All pre-made templates appeared to be only for Blogger, not WordPress. But, they do custom designs also, if you want to take a look!
  • BluChic – Took a look here because I love Fizz and Frosting‘s website
  • Eight Crazy Designs by The Pixelista – I discovered these after looking at Nutritious Eats site. I really liked the Crave template.


This is when I discovered Genesis Themes by StudioPress. I liked the Genesis Framework Themes. It comes with a support network, tutorials, and lots of recognition. I think what I liked most about StudioPress is that you could see their Showcase. There were so many different blog designs from their basic template. I knew I could customize anything how I wanted it then.

So, I went with it and chose Magazine Pro.

It’s not completely different, but it’s my own. I’m really happy with my choice, which is great considering the Genesis Framework (Parent theme) and Magazine Pro (Child theme) Cost $99.95.

Hold tight as a few more changes might be happening over the next couple weeks. (Let’s face it, I make changes pretty frequently as it is!)


If you are on WordPress, what theme do you use?

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