Facebook Page Manager App Update Makes Blogging (A Little) Easier

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Or, comment management easier, that is!

I was not ever a big fan of trying to use Facebook for Slim Sanity over my phone. The Facebook page manager app had a lack of functionality. Mostly, you weren’t able to reply to people’s comments.

What’s the point of an app for social media when you can’t directly interact with someone? Or another page?

How else would I chat with my RD friends like Laura about the fitbit?

facebook page manager app

Now, the Facebook Page Manager app allows you to mention people and pages in comments. From what I’ve gathered, it allows you to mention any pages that your page has liked, and any people who have recently interacted on your page. Although it seems like it doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe they will eventually get that figured out.

You can also see the insights (analytics) Facebook gives you, including total page likes, new likes, weekly total reach, post reach, and people engaged. The notifications for the page work pretty well, too.

facebook page manager app

What does Facebook still need to work on?

  • There’s no way to see your newsfeed for pages you’ve liked, so you can’t interact as your page.
  • Sometimes there’s a delay in the ‘people reached’ for posts.
  • Let you tag anyone!

Facebook seems to be the bane of a blogger’s existence lately with their new approach of charging bloggers to reach new people. Although to be honest, I haven’t dug into that very much so I don’t know how effective it is to promote a post. I personally don’t get much interaction from anything on Facebook. Generally, I focus more on Twitter as a social media outlet.

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Do you use the Facebook Page Manger app? What do you think still needs improved?

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