Exercise Your Body While Exercising Your Brain

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Studying and writing are going to be my two biggest activities over the next couple months. As much as I love to workout, I know there are going to be days when it just isn’t my first priority. I know I will not give up fitness completely, but deadlines that are quickly approaching will be my main focus.

I have always been known to multi-task, though. During a morning strength workout at home, it isn’t unusual to empty the dishwasher between sets. I’ve also been known to do push-ups and squats while watching something on DVR.  Here, I came up with a circuit to get some exercise in while I’m studying and working away on writing.

I already know if I followed this all day long, I’d get in a pretty intense workout throughout the day. Even a few burpees or two. 😉
Do you multitask while working out? Or stay completely focused? I’ll have at least one workout a week that is reps between chores!

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