How to Eat Clean

How to Eat Clean

How clean do you eat? Are you familiar with ‘clean eating’?

It’s taken over a lot of social media and blogs, and that’s a GREAT thing.

I do eat very healthy and clean. But, I don’t eat COMPLETELY clean 100% of the time. I won’t ever claim that I do. I’ve said plenty of times I live an 80/20 lifestyle… that 20% sometimes has ice cream, french fries, or something else deep fried and breaded. Oh, deep fried mushrooms? One of my favs!

But those mushrooms are typically not ‘clean.’

I’ve seen some posts listing tons of rules and ‘principles’ for eating clean, but for someone trying to start living healthier, it might be overwhelming. Below are very simples rules to help you get started!

Simple rules to help you eat clean |

The Basics

If you’re looking to eat healthier, it’s really pretty simple. Eating clean basically means eating as few ingredients in a food as possible, and steering away from certain things. Follow these super simple, very basic rules to eat cleaner.

What you do eat:

  • ALL produce. (Yes, eat fruit. I do! Potatoes count too, especially sweet potatoes.)
  • Meat. (For red meat, buy leaner kinds or cuts.)
  • Some dairy is good. Greek yogurt? Usually not many ingredients! Also high in protein.
  • Whole grains/healthy carbs. (pasta, brown rice, quinoa, oats, black beans, chickpeas, etc…)
  • Water!
  • Good fats (unsaturated, avoid trans and moderate saturated)
  • Salads are great, but choose vinaigrette salad dressings over creamy dressings

What you don’t eat:

  • Anything with added sugar in the ingredients. (Natural sugar is totally cool, added sugar is unnecessary.)
  • Something with bad fats (Saturated and trans fats are bad)
  • Any drinks with a lot of calories (sugary juices, soda, Gatorade)
  • Food colorings
  • Anything with a very, very long list of ingredients.

Avoid Processed Foods by Making Them Yourself

There are ALSO some things you automatically think you can’t eat to be healthy. All you have to do is make them with clean ingredients.


Spinach-stuffed meatballs with zoodles is a healthy dinner recipe you should add to your food prep rotation this weekend! |

Recipes to help you eat more veggies

I’m sure you noticed that I started out my list of ‘what to eat’ with produce. Eating fruit is easy, because you can pick it up and eat without cooking it. Veggies might be a little more difficult. Below is a round-up of some easy recipes you can make to incorporate more veggies into your meals!

These are just a handfulโ€”explore the Recipes tab for more options!

Tell me…

What other tips do you have for clean eating?
How do you struggle to eat healthy?

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