Don’t Live With Regret

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I was inspired the other day by a post from a friend on Facebook. She tagged a few people with a confession of sorts about things she regretted, one of them being the way her friendship with me ended.

It got me thinking about regret. And since Thursday’s are for thinking out loud… here you go.

thinking out loud

I suppose there are certain, specific actions of mine that I regret. Being judgmental when I was younger, yes I regret that. Not keeping in touch with certain friends who were always supportive of me. Harsh words are people who don’t deserve it. Definitely regret that.

Then there are the bigger life decisions. Should we regret those?

Going back to school, but taking on debt.
Making a career move that might not pan out.
Taking a chance on someone and not getting what you wanted out of it.

I say no.

There is a difference in feeling regret, and living with regret.

You might feel regret as a side effect as ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have done that’ runs through your head. But, we shouldn’t live with regret for the choices we’ve made. Accept your choices, and know that you can and HAVE learned from them.

No matter what happens, you can move on. No matter how bad, there is always a way to get through it.

Our choices in life have made us who we are. How do you know your life would be any better if you did it another way?

You can always change what you do in the future.

Call you old friends you’ve lost touch with.
Put down your phone to play with your kids.
Speak up at work.
Quit the job that isn’t working for you.
Go back to school.
Travel more.
Be more independent.

I honestly have no decisions I regret. My life is pretty great. I’ve learned a lot along the way, but know I have a LOT of learning left to do.

Be confident in your choices, no matter the outcome. You will learn, and you will grow.

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