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All of the content, including recipes, images, and photographs, published on this website is property of Slim Sanity. If you would like to share a recipe or photo on your website, you may share a photo and LINK BACK to the original recipe, giving Slim Sanity full credit. Please do not copy and paste the original recipe onto your website.

Fitness and Nutrition Disclaimer

I have a PhD in chemistry from The University of Texas at Dallas. I do not have a nutrition/fitness degree or certification of any kind. That being said, all my work is research-based. All information you find at Slim Sanity will be from a credible source. I will not publish data or facts of any kind that have not been proven by science. Science kinda rocks.

All ideas, concepts and opinions written on this blog are only intended to be used for educational purposes of the reader, and should not be considered medical advice of any kind. This blog is not intended to replace medical advice from a doctor, nor to diagnose or treat any kind of disease, illness, or condition. It is very important that before beginning any diet or exercise program, you visit a licensed physician and receive full medical clearance.

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I realize that ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate links can be annoying. But I’d love to turn my blog into a real job some day—and that may not be able to happen without these things. I promise not to bombard or overwhelm you with sponsored content. In each post, I will always add a disclaimer if affiliate links are used, or if I am publishing a sponsored post. I only make a small profit for any purchases resulting from these links. I kindly appreciate your support of Slim Sanity!

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