Digestivi-T for Healing the Gut

Digestivi-T for Healing the Gut

The following is an honest review of LifeSeasons Digestivi-T supplements. I took these digestive enzymes and probiotics as part of a sponsored partnership with LifeSeasons to help improve my gut health. Although this was a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own!

An honest review of LifeSeasons Digestivi-T supplements. Digestive enzymes and probiotics for gut health. | slimsanity.com

If you haven’t noticed by now…I’ve been working on my gut health. It started with awareness and understanding inflammatory foods, learning about the proper supplements to heal the gut, and then finally putting all those learnings into action.

The result? I haven’t felt this good in years! At least, definitely the best since my pre-pregnancy days.

It’s pretty powerful to know exactly how a food is going to affect you, and then make the decision whether or not you’ll eat it. It is even better to have a tool that can help you feel better when you know something might not sit well.

Enter my LifeSeasons Digestivi-T!

I’ve been taking these for almost three months now. In the beginning of my elimination diet journey, any kind of dairy would make me completely bloated. Although my face has some negative reaction to dairy still, these digestive enzymes have helped me selectively eat dairy without regretting my life decisions.

HELLLOOOOO PIZZA! Yes, I’ve actually eaten pizza now without feeling extremely bloated. I’m crediting that completely to Digestivi-T.

Honestly, since taking Digestivi-T, I’ve felt better with nearly all foods I eat. I think that is because part of the process to heal the gut is taking digestive enzymes—and not just when you know you’re going to eat an inflammatory food.

Learn more about probiotics and digestive enzymes with LifeSeasons | slimsanity.com

How I incorporated Digestivi-T into my Routine

Before I started taking these supplements, I was able to have a conversation with the CMO and RN on staff at LifeSeasons to better understand the best way to take these to see improvements. Pretty much like anything else, these work differently for different people. One ‘serving’ is three capsules. Some people see an improvement taking one with every meal, and some people see that they work better taking them all at once.

I personally saw the best results taking all three capsules when I broke my fast. This seemed to help with digestion the rest of the day. There were also times where if I knew I’d choose to eat dairy, I’d take another one with that meal. For the first several weeks I was still bloated if I did eat dairy and didn’t take an additional supplement. I haven’t tried this again since!

These supplements do not need to be refrigerated either—they just need to be kept out of warm places or direct sunlight. This makes it incredibly easy to bring with you to work, leave in your purse while going out to eat or when traveling. I brought these with me on all my trips this fall!

An honest review of LifeSeasons Digestivi-T supplements. Digestive enzymes and probiotics for gut health. | slimsanity.com

Final Thoughts on Digestivi-T

Now that I’m almost through the third month, I’m finding that I can eat a little wider variety of dairy foods without terrible bloating. While I truly believe that Digestivi-T helped me get to this point, I think I need to figure out if this is something I need to continue taking on a regular basis—or if I only need to take them for an inflammatory meal.

I might play around with this a little bit to see whether I need it every day, or just when I expect to eat gluten/dairy in large amounts.

UPDATE (12/13): In the week following this post, I did in fact experiment a little bit with whether I need to take Digestivi-T every day or just when I expect to be eating dairy or gluten. The verdict? Every day, y’all. I was pretty gassy after a day of eating quite a bit of kale and a few Brussels sprouts. I did eat a protein bar that had whey in it, and that may have been the culprit. But, moral of the story? Digestivi-T will always be in my supplement rotation!

However, a big benefit to Digestivi-T is the probiotics! There’s a guaranteed 10 billion CFU count in a serving of capsules from a variety of clinically-proven probiotic strains.

I’m comfortable with incorporating this amount of probiotics into my diet daily. For a couple of months I did pair these with an additional 30 billion CFU supplement, but I didn’t actually notice much of a difference after a few days. While I have heard that it can be good to switch up your probiotics every once in a while, I haven’t found any solid research stating this.

Looks like another self experiment in the works, folks!

The good news is that you can get 15% off the product if you subscribe to have it delivered every 30 days—and you also have the option to try it for free! On top of that, LifeSeasons offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their products.

All things considered, I’ve been able to better enjoy the food I want to eat with the help of these supplements. If you’re looking to do some self-experimentation as well (again, here is my disclaimer to see yo doctor first!), take a look at the supplements with LifeSeasons!

Have you ever tried probiotics or digestive enzymes? Tell me about your experience!

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