Cooking With New Kitchen Products

Cooking With New Kitchen Products

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This post contains some affiliate product links. All words and opinions are, as always, my own!

Its been over a month since I’ve been mentally able to blog regularly. I think I’m finally getting back to a point where there aren’t a million other things that take higher priority than my favorite hobbies!

Blogging isn’t the only hobby I’ve been missing. Cooking any type of meal at home has been far from my agenda for the last several weeks. Between moving, vacation for wedding, unpacking the house and getting settled, we’ve enjoyed only a handful of good, home cooked meals. We’ve meal prepped a little bit here and there, but most of our meals have been pretty simple without much effort. I never knew how much I enjoyed cooking dinner until I couldn’t do it as easily!

Now that I don’t have to think so hard to remember where I put the spatulas and our wedding gifts have a new home in the kitchen, we’ll experience some normalcy in our cooking routine.

I plan to come up with some new recipes and remake some old recipes in the near future with some of our new kitchen products!

Crock-Pot with eLume Touchscreen

crockpot stainless steel

I’ve already made one great new meal in this crockpot. The ginger slow cooked chicken was delicious with quinoa and rice! I plan to have this recipe written up soon…I just need to set up a food photographer station in the new house. Or maybe this is the only photo you’ll end up getting. We’ll see. As far as crockpots go, this is a great choice! It has a timer you can set while you’re at work. Once the timer is done, the crockpot automatically keeps the food on warm.

ginger crockpot chicken

OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

mandoline slicer

I haven’t gotten to use this one yet, but I’m uber excited to put it to work! This will be perfect for baked apple or potato chips. And for prepping any other veggie my little heart desires!

KitchenAid 7 Cup Food Processor


Ok, so this one is old news. But still just as fabulous – and I haven’t used it since we moved. Sad! I love this food process. I heard from so many people that they don’t use their food processor because it isn’t easy to clean. This one comes apart easily and as long as you don’t let anything sit and harden on it, it’s really pretty easy. the blades and cup are dishwasher safe too, if placed on the top rack!

I plan to whip up another batch of vanilla cashew almond butter this Sunday for food prep. We are also throwing a birthday party for Kyle this Saturday, so perhaps some fresh basil spread as well?

fresh basil spread

Calphalon Unison Nonstick 13″ Wok with Cover


This was one of Kyle’s most wanted list items, and I’m glad that we got one. This wok is designed to sear meat as it cooks. We both love stir fry, and now we can cook huge batches of it with this new wok! I’ve already used it once for a shrimp and veggie stir fry. For this meal, I used a frozen pack of stir fry veggies and added extra peppers, onion, shrimp and seasonings to the mix. It’s not the same for us without at least a little bit of soy sauce, so I made sure to use a low sodium version! I used a similar spice mix as the beef and cashew stir fry recipe I’ve made before – which I want to make again soon.

Calphalon Nonstick No Peek Round Waffle Maker


What other time in your life will you get a waffle maker other than your wedding? 🙂 I’m pretty excited for this one – I’ve been craving waffles lately! I tried the other day to turn my protein pancake mix into a waffle, but it didn’t turn out super well. I need to work on my waffle making skills. I also didn’t have any fruit or honey to top it with so it was a bit boring. Next time!

Besides what I featured here, we were very lucky to get a slew of new gadgets and upgrades for our kitchen and home. Now its time to start meal planning and putting them all to good use!

What new recipes or kitchen products are you excited to try?

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