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Slim Sanity is dedicated to informing readers about all things health and nutrition, creation of healthy recipes and incorporating ways to maintain an active lifestyle! I love to work with individuals and companies who are in line with my interests, and can provide great opportunities, knowledge and tools to my audience.

Here are ways that we can work together:

  • Blog-Brand Ambassadorships
  • Freelance Articles
  • Photography
  • Recipe Development
  • Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews
  • Sponsored Representation at Events

For business inquiries, please e-mail to receive a list of previous work, current affiliates and a media kit.

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  1. Hey friend! quick question. How did you get your ebook to download after you subscribe to your email list? I’m trying to do this with a healthy bites book. I have a designer helping me but she’s confused too. LOL!

    thanks again!

    p.s did you ever try the sizzlefish? I am just creating recipes for them now, Sarah (fitchick428) is now the social media manager. If you have any recipes with th

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