Chemists Have Fun Too + WOTW

For your viewing pleasure, some amusing highlights from my lab’s office yesterday afternoon….

YouTube surfing old school music. Think Milli Vanilli…. there was some MC Hammer too. Playing with this kitchen toy…
For my thesis, I am making bandages that promote wound healing. (nerd alert) They need to be stored in an airtight way so they don’t go bad when we ship them off to other universities that are interested in them. Enter FoodSaver. We were foodsavering Kleenex and dark chocolate acai berries. 
We also turned to Google for some important questions…
…what is vodka made out of besides potatoes?
We were also trying to decide whether the brownies our high school student brought us were any good. They were made with stevia.
The verdict? I ate two, everyone else thought they were a little weird.
Chemists aren’t completely boring! We have fun, too. 🙂
I then went to the gym for an upper body workout and tried to decide what kind of wine I wanted to drink for Wine of the Week. On my way home I stopped at the store to browse the Texas selection. I wasn’t feeling any of them, so I turned around to look at the wines from Italy. I immediately saw this one and picked it up.
I hadn’t had a Lambrusco in a long time, and it sounded like the perfect choice! Lambrusco’s are a little bit sweeter, which normally I don’t like in a wine. Kyle thought it tasted like juice at first. But Lambrusco’s are slightly sparkling, which I love. Not sure why! It’s just a fun wine to drink. 
This Lambrusco Dell’Emilia has a fruity, mostly raspberry flavor to it. This wine is often described as lively. It has a bit of a lower alcohol content than most wines, at 8.5%. Whether that is important to you or not, I don’t know. 🙂 I couldn’t open any links to the producer or winery for some reason, but this site told me that it is made in Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. The best part about this wine? Only $5!
We paired last night’s Lambrusco Dell’Emilia with one of my favorite dishes that Kyle makes, shrimp and chicken fried rice.
I’ve had several requests for this recipe. I promise you it will be coming soon!
For today, it’s an off day for working out, but I think I’ll get in plenty of walking. Tonight is Kyle’s company’s annual Six Flags trip. I’m  pretty excited!
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