Buttered Coffee for Intermittent Fasting

Buttered Coffee for Intermittent Fasting

Buttered coffee for intermittent fasting | slimsanity.com

Butter for breakfast?

Like, just butter? And some coffee. Sounds kinda strange. Right?

If you are on a ketogenic diet and/or intermittent fasting, then it isn’t so strange at all!

What is Intermittent Fasting?

There are several ways you can practice intermittent fasting. Basically, you eat all your meals in a reduced time period. One of the most common way to practice intermittent fasting is the 16/8 rule.

I have been following the 16/8 rule for quite some time, eating all my meals in an eight hour window and fasting for the remaining 16. This usually falls between 11 AM or noon and 7 or 8 PM. This way, the majority of the actual fast is at night, allowing you to sleep through it.

There are a slew of benefits you can find from intermittent fasting, including:

  • Physical benefits: brain health, reduced inflammation, insulin resistance and weight loss [1]
  • Mental benefits: the simplicity of waking up in the morning and NOT needing to cook breakfast. Having just one less thing to think about in the morning can most certainly contribute to increased happiness.

Not a bad gig, once you train your body to stop wanting to eat breakfast.

Buttered Coffee

Now that we have intermittent fasting covered, we can talk about why some people drink coffee with butter blended into it—also known as keto coffee.

It’s all about ketosis. The human body can be set in a state of ketosis by eating a ketogenic diet, which is a lower carbohydrate, higher fat diet. Being in a state of ketosis allows your body to convert fat into energy, as glucose levels are low from eating fewer carbohydrates. [2] Since ketosis uses fat for energy, it is shown to be a proven method for weight loss. [3]

Intermittent fasting can help the body enter a state of ketosis. Drinking buttered coffee can be a way to enhance a fasting period by keeping your body in a state of ketosis, as it gives the body fats for fuel instead of carbs.

BUT. Don’t just grab any old stick of butter and blend it in your coffee. It’s important to use the right kind of fats. You want to look for a butter coffee product that uses grass-fed butter and MCT oil. MCT oil has been connected to brain health. [4] I think it is also very important to mention that drinking a TON of this stuff may not be the smartest idea. It is possible to consume too many fats if you aren’t really following a ketogenic diet, and you could potentially be eliminating more nutritious foods from a normal meal—whether the coffee replaces it, or whether you just aren’t hungry for other food. There are always pros and cons to any method of eating!

The Butter Coffee Experiment

After talking with a friend about how amazing she felt after drinking a buttered coffee in the morning, and then holding a fast until 1-2 pm, I figured I had to try pairing it with my own fasting routine.

For this experiment, I partnered with Omega PowerCreamer to see how a keto coffee creamer might work for me. PowerCreamer is made with high quality fats and MCT oil, but also a grass-fed ghee. Ghee is supposed to be better for people who have dairy sensitivities, so I figured this would be a good choice for me, considering I have eliminated dairy from my diet.

Buttered coffee for intermittent fasting | slimsanity.com

On a normal day, I will start drinking coffee anywhere between 8 AM and 9 AM, and probably drink 2 cups before I break my fast for the day. While testing this creamer, I never drank it before 9 AM. Many people that follow a true ketogenic diet probably drink it earlier in the day. That said, I am not following a true ketogenic diet, even though I may put my body in ketosis with my intermittent fasting. I have nothing against a ketogenic diet, but worrying about how many carbs I’m eating in a day really isn’t my thing. (I would worry about that. Because I’m a Type A weirdo. Perfection, always.)

On the days that I did drink PowerCreamer, I could definitely tell a difference as to when I started to get hungry! Normally I’d have one cup of black coffee, then make a keto coffee around 9:30 or 10 AM. On those days, I typically wasn’t hungry until 12:30 PM or 1 PM. I’d say that definitely helped me prolong my fast!

For my experiment, I drank the original flavor butter creamer and it was delicious! Kyle was a fan too, and has been drinking it most mornings before work. It is super quick to blend up with hot coffee for a creamy drink with a frothy top! The recommend serving size is 1 tablespoon per 6 oz of coffee. I probably used even less than this, and still felt the satiating effects from it.

I can’t really say whether it helped me lose weight or not, since losing weight is not a goal of mine right now, so I haven’t necessarily been training or eating with weight loss in mind. But, overall, I have felt great since drinking it. Less bloating and just energetic in general.

Experimental Conclusions

Paired with a healthy diet, it is something I’d recommend to anyone seeking a diet change! You can purchase PowerCreamer on their website, but it is also available on Amazon for my fellow AZ Prime fanatics out there. PowerCreamer has also created the code ‘sanity12’ for a 15% discount off your order!

I’m most certainly going to be purchasing this product. But this time, in vanilla!

I’d love to hear from any of you who follow a ketogenic diet or practice intermittent fasting! What are your results? How do you like it?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Omega PowerCreamer and contains affiliate links. While I was compensated to try the product, all thought and opinions of it are my own!

Learn how to incorporate buttered coffee for intermittent fasting with @powercreamer | slimsanity.com
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