Bridesmaid’s Gift Boxes

Bridesmaid’s Gift Boxes

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Today’s post is from my all-time FAVORITE DIY and craft blog, DIY Playbook. If you haven’t followed them before, you might recognize them from when I participated in Wedding Week! DIY Playbook is run by the creative geniuses Casey and Bridget. It would take me all day to tell you how much I love these two and their blog. I would hire them to decorate for me in a heartbeat! If you’re looking for any kind of home inspiration, you need to head on over to their crafty little corner of the internet!

This cute guest post is written by Casey. Since we are all brides-to-be, I thought something wedding related was appropriate! Hope you enjoy!


Hi there Slim Sanity readers! We’re Bridget & Casey from the DIY Playbook and we’re so honored to guest post here on Slim Sanity. Although we’ve never officially met Alysia, we feel like we know her so well from all of our blogging correspondence. She is a doll, and we can’t wait to read more details about her upcoming wedding day right here on her blog.


A little about us…on our blog we coach our readers through the often intimidating world of crafts and home decor. The DIY Playbook is designed to give our readers the “plays”, tools, and inspiration to transform their own homes…without breaking the bank. It’s always a great time, and we hope you’ll stop on by.

Enough talking about us, let’s get to the real reason we’re here…a fabulous Wedding DIY Project! This is a project I (Casey) recently did to ask my bridesmaids to be in our wedding.


We are getting married on October, 11th 2014 and I knew I wanted to ask my bridesmaids in a special and creative way. So, I decided that it might be neat if I ask them exactly one year from the wedding date…October 11th, 2013.
Once I had the “One Year from This Day” theme down, the project came together fairly easily.

I made a little bridesmaid box with some girly and fun items that I found at World Market. I wanted the items to represent things we might be doing on 10.11.14 (drinking champagne, primping, perhaps shedding a few tears, etc.) and I then wrote a corresponding poem to go in the box.


Here’s my poem…

One year from this day…
We’ll spend our morning sipping bubbly,
Relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

One year from this day…
We will brush, curl, and primp, putting each hair in place.
We’ll polish our nails and make-up our face.

One year from this day…
We’ll be busy standing on our feet,
If we need extra energy here’s a little treat.

One year from this day…
I’ll need you right there by my side,
To wipe away tears that may fall from this bride

One year from this day…
Our friendship and love will still remain strong,
If you say you’ll be my bridesmaid I know I can’t go wrong!


Inside each box was a mini bottle of champagne, light pink nail polish, a hand mirror, chocolate, and a monogrammed handkerchief. I found the beautiful boxes at World Market and put it all together inside.

Then on that day, I had the boxes delivered to each of my five bridesmaids. I was anxious all day, but it was wonderful to finally hear back from each girl.

I think they all loved the gift, and I felt happy knowing I was starting our wedding journey off right.


So if you have an upcoming wedding, this may be a great way to ask your bridesmaids. Or it might even just be a nice gift for your girls. You can change “One year to this day” to “One month (or week) from this day.” Change it up to suit your wedding needs.

Have a great day Slim Sanity readers & good luck to Alysia on her thesis.

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