breakfast for dinner and a new circuit workout

Well, I managed to fit in some cardio yesterday, in the form of a 2 mile run. We decided Barkley needed some exercise, so I brought him along with me. It’s been a while since I ran in warm weather, 88 degrees made our run a doosy! I think I tired Barkley out pretty well. This is his first experience with the hot weather! (I’m sure he’ll really love it in two months.)

After snacking on veggies and hummus…
And fishing out the last of the peanut butter…
Nothing sounded great to have for dinner. So, we ended up settling on breakfast. After all, it is my favorite meal of the day. I made a veggie scramble with some turkey bacon mixed in. I topped it with salsa then parked it on the couch for a little bit of the NFL draft and reading The Mazerunner.
I debating making today an off day, since my hip was acting up yesterday and my shoulders felt pretty tense. But after a little stretching and moving around, my hip felt okay. (And Kyle is always around for a little shoulder rub, so that’s not an issue) I went out and ran a little over a mile with Mr. Barkley, and came back to do a quick and sweaty circuit workout, which you don’t need any equipment for at all.
I call this the 10-20-30 circuit workout because going through it once is about 10 minutes, and repeating it will give you a 20 or 30 minute workout. Pretty simple, eh? After my run this morning, I came back to stretch. I went through this circuit once, and my legs were pooped. It hit me once I got to the burpees. Those wonderfully evil things. I do like the speed skater move. It’s cardio but works your butt too! 
Kind of a funky looking picture, but basically you go down into position A, then move quickly into position B, and repeat! I took about a 15 second rest between each exercise, and this circuit definitely had my blood pumping. After I finished one round, I did some abs exercises, so in all I worked out approximately 30 minutes, which isn’t bad thinking I’d have an off day. 🙂 
Since we need to hit the grocery, we only had one egg left, which was the perfect set-up for a lovely egg sandwich. Kyle made one with a little miracle whip on it this morning, so I decided to give it a whirl. 
Whole wheat English muffin, over hard egg, two pieces of turkey bacon, spinach, and a little dabble of miracle whip hiding under the bacon.
Very good. I approve. 
So I think now I will run off to the grocery very quick to pick up some essentials **peanut butter** and then head on off to school.
Have a wonderful Friday!
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