What I Bought at Costco

What I Bought at Costco

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We had been meaning to sign up for Costco for a LONG time. At the end of July, we finally signed up for a membership.

Our Costco experience was borderline magical.

Aah well that may be a bit of an exaggeration (since Harry Potter wasn’t there or anything) but it was pretty.freaking.awesome.

We knew that we’d be hooked on shopping there after hearing how Kyle’s parents, sister and brother-in-law talked it up so much. They shop there religiously now – Kyle’s sister and BIL even bought their furniture from Costco!

We were even further convinced after seeing Katie post about her Costco trips and after Johnny and Joanna at Our Freaking Budget told us a Costco membership was totally worth it. You should read their post if you want to learn more about the different types of memberships available. FYI we bought the ‘Executive’ Membership.

Well anyway, here we are after our second trip to Costco and we still (or, I am, at least) as amazed as ever. We lasted almost the entire last month without having to buy meat, eggs, cheese, frozen veggies, and almond milk (among other things). We still have some of the almond milk, cheese and veggies leftover, too.

We don’t just buy food there either. Last time we bought enough garbage bags to last us an entire year. A year!

These trips have significantly cut down on what we need to buy weekly at the grocery, which is usually just some produce, eggs and maybe some bread.


Here’s what we got on our latest trip to Costco!


  • 6 pack of liquid egg whites – $7.99
  • 2 pounds of mild cheddar cheese – $5.79 – $2.89/pound
  • 2 pounds of colby jack cheese – $5.89 – $2.95/pound
  • 6 pounds organic green beans – $6.79 – $1.13/pound
  • 1.5 dozen eggs – $2.39
  • 2 3 pound containers of cottage cheese – $5.29 each (Why you should buy Daisy)
  • 6 pounds pork chops – $21.25 – $3.54/pound


  • 6 pounds ground turkey – $18.27 – $3.04/pound
  • 4 pounds premium herb roasted turkey lunch meat – $13.69 -$3.42/pound (Best lunch meat EVER)
  • 10 pounds frozen chicken breasts – $21.49 – $2.15/pound
  • 10 pounds frozen chicken wings – $19.99 – $1.99/pound


  • 216 quart sized freezer bags – $10.99 (PS might want these when buying in bulk!)
  • 40 oz box of Wheat Thins – $7.49
  • Kashi Go-Lean Crunch – $8.99 – around $2.99/box
  • 48 oz Folgers coffee – $9.89
  • 8 cans organic black beans – $6.79 (delicious)


  • Giant stack of corn tortillas – $3.19
  • 12 gala apples – $6.79 – $1.20/pound
  • 5 large avocados – $4.99

So much of this stuff is about the same price you’ll find at Walmart, but in my opinion, it’s much better quality.

They have a great variety of food (and tons of other products I haven’t really even looked at) you can buy. That doesn’t just include processed stuff, they have tons of whole foods (think quinoa, rice, nuts) along with organic products.

Some of their stock changes, especially the produce. I find that a lot of the produce at our local Costco store isn’t stuff I’d normally buy, so I’ll make smaller trips to the grocery a couple times throughout the month for stuff like that. We jut wouldn’t eat a 10 pound bag of onions fast enough for it to stay good!

In any case, we will be set on meat and many other things to last us well through the end of the month!

Do you shop at Costco? How of often do you go?

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