Booty Work

The dinner I made last night was simple, but one of the best I’ve made in a while. I chopped broccoli into florets, and tossed it with a couple swirls of EVOO and Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Table Blend seasoning and a little bit of pepper. I roasted it at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. The chicken I cooked in a skillet with chicken broth. First, I drizzled EVOO over the top, and covered them in McCormick Perfect Pinch Rotisserie Chicken seasoning. The rotisserie seasoning is one of my favorites for cooking chicken!

I sprinkled a little bit of grated Parmesan on the broccoli, and served avocado as a side for the chicken. Just soo good.

I finished off dinner with one of my blueberry walnut muffins with peanut butter for dessert!

After getting a few chores done, I went with Kyle to watch him play in his Wednesday softball league. It was a good night!


I kept my cardio a little shorter today, since I got two long runs in this week. I ran a mile at a 10 minute pace. I made sure to get in some good stretching, then started my workout for the day, which was a focus on glutes! This circuit sure did make my booty work!

I put this together after being inspired by a couple of moves from Jillian Michaels, which included fire hydrants and planks with toe taps. I did the one-legged deadlifts using 5 pound dumbbells. I was feeling the burn after the first set, but pumped out two more while using my bit timer app. I did each move for one minute (30 seconds on each side) and then set the rest interval at 10 seconds. I loved this workout! I’ll definitely be doing this one again.


I decided on a green smoothie this morning for breakfast. I mostly followed my normal recipe, but I cut down a little on the yogurt and added some blueberries.

This morning, I have a few things chores I want to get done before heading to school, including what will hopefully be something yummy for lunch. I might take Barkley for a walk, but right now he’s doing a pretty good job entertaining himself…so I might let him be for the moment.

Barkley is notorious for dragging all of his toys everywhere, thus leaving me on a scavenger hunt gathering everything to throw in his kennel with him once I leave. Are anyone else’s pets as messy at him? 🙂
What are some dinners you make that are simple, but one of your favorites?

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