Booty Bustin’ Supersets

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I only waited 4 days after my half to get in a hard working leg day. I’d lifted light weight and and done body weight exercises for legs during my training, but nothing really intense. I knew that if I was too sore, it would probably stop me from running, so I held off. I’m starting to think I should have gone a little easier on myself after not lifting heavy for 3 months, because WOW are my legs sore! I put together this superset workout on the fly.

Booty Bustin' Supersets

For instruction on how to do any of these moves, see these links:

I only did two sets of the last superset, because I could barely eek out plie squats. I ended up doing 7 plies for each set. After I finished these supersets, I did a few sets of lateral leg raise, inner leg raises and core. My legs felt like jello leaving the gym. They are definitely feeling it two days afterward, especially my booty!

What does your leg day typically look like?

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