booty busters

After school last night, I went to watch Kyle play basketball at the Texas Instrument’s Activity Center. They just started a new season last night, and they won! Woo! 

We got home to cook up a quick dinner, since it was almost 8:00 before we got to eat, and we were both hungry. We made some garlic buttered tilapia, with steamed broccoli on the side.
We mixed the extra butter with the broccoli, and I sprinkled a little panko on top to give it a little different texture. It didn’t do a whole lot….next time I’ll try roasting it with panko. 


Since I started my Rock ‘n Roll Challenge today, I set out this morning to fit in a run. 2.2 miles down, 47.8 to go! I had to download a different GPS app for running, since the challenge doesn’t work with Endomondo. But I think MayMyRun should do okay for now. The announcer lady on it though sounds a lot more stern….maybe she’ll help me run faster?
I came back to do some stretching and booty strength exercises I saw on FitSugar. There were several of these butt-toning exercises that I like, and one I hadn’t done before that was pretty challenging. I did most of these exercises once through, but I’ll highlight a couple that are my favorite. (If you want a full explanation of the exercise, click on the source link underneath each picture.)
Booty Kicks or Leg Lifts
The key here is to make sure your glutes are doing the work. You also want to flex your abs so you can stay balanced.


I like this one because it’s a balancing move, and you can feel it working. I help this position for 30 counts on each leg. (I always wonder how they came up with the name for this pose?)

I just really like this exercise. I can feel it working, and it’s easy to incorporate an arm movement with it. I was using 5 pound weights, and did some shoulder flies along with it.

Marching Bridge

This was a different one for me. You see all kinds of variations of the bridge, but I felt like this one works a little better than a regular left lift. But who knows, maybe I was just more into the move this morning.

Plank with Booty Left Lifts on Balancing Ball

This was the move that was most challenging. I really felt it the burn on this one! I was doing these exercises at home, so I didn’t have a balancing ball, the using the recliner in the living room instead worked just the same. 

I finished up my workout with the new abs exercise moves I blogged about a few days ago. These were all good moves, but I especially felt the burn on the double reverse crunch.

It’s one I recommend! Since I didn’t have a ball to do the physio ball slaps, I did v-up situps instead. I finished up my workout with a one minute high plank (#plankaday).
It seems like everytime I work out at home, I get a workout buddy whether I want one or not. Especially when I’m doing abs. Since I’m laying on the floor, Barkley thinks it’s fun to stretch and exercise with me. This is Barkley doing some side leg raises.
Then it apparently turned into cuddle time. Sometimes an unwanted interruption, but how can you really be mad? *Sigh* he just never gets enough attention….


After a little Barkley-needs-attention fest, I made a quick breakfast. Whole wheat English muffin, one egg, two pieces of turkey bacon, spinach, and a little miracle whip.
Class starts soon, which means I should probably look over my presentation one last time before heading up. 
Hope you all enjoy your day!
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