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Reading through my Bloglovin’ feed, I found a post on The SITS Girls about a free blog grading software from Hubspot. Since I’m always curious about ways to improve my blog, I though I’d check it out.

overall score

Looks like there may be some areas that could use improvement.

Getting your blog’s report card is very simple. Input your website’s url and e-mail address at, and a few minutes later you’ll have your blog analysis ready to go.

The first subject on the report is blogging. Here’s what mine looked like.

blogging checklist

I met all the requirements except for the social sharing buttons. Which, I do actually have, embedded in each post. Perhaps it didn’t pick them up on the homepage, so that’s why it flagged it as an area for improvement.

The next section was interesting. It reviewed my last five blog posts, and let me know how many social shares each post had. I guess technically I can find this by looking at my share buttons on each post, but I haven’t done that in a while.

I came out fine on social media, but there were a couple checks I have missed for SEO and Lead Generation.

I think this could be a great tool for those starting out in the blog world!

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