Blog Tip Fridays: The Font Edition

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I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s guest post – A Quick Guide to Eating Paleo. I thought it had great information, with a ‘pros and cons’ list of why you may or may not like the Paleo lifestyle. I personally do not follow Paleo eating habits, even though from time to time I post ‘Paleo’ recipes. I know that it works great for some, and others don’t care for it. I really don’t lean either way. I think it’s all a personal choice of how you choose to eat, but good general knowledge to have if you’d like to try it!

Now, on to other things.
The Font Edition!

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Where to find new fonts?

A Google search can give you tons of links to download new fonts for free. One site that I have used before is 1001 Free Fonts. I believe this is actually the only place I have downloaded new fonts from. I’ve seen links for downloading fonts pop up on Pinterest quite frequently. For example, this board called FONTastic has lots of them!
Don’t want to download? You can upload pictures to PicMonkey and get several free options for adding fonts to photos. You can get a ton more features that look pretty awesome if you upgrade, which looks to be $2.75/month or $4.99/month depending on the package you buy.
On the go and need a mobile program? My favorite program for adding text to photos on my iPhone is Phonto!

How to install fonts

It took me a little while to figure out how to get the fonts I downloaded installs, but it’ really pretty easy. I have a ‘Fonts’ folder saved on my hard drive. Once you download the file, you usually have to unzip or extract the files. *Note: I use a PC, and that is the only way I know how to install new fonts. If you have a Mac, try this tutorial.
  1. Open the ‘Downloaded Fonts’ folder you have fonts saved in.
  2. Go to Control Panel, and click on Appearance and Personalization.
  3. Click on the Fonts option, and a ‘Fonts’ folder containing all current fonts will pop up.
  4. Copy and paste new fonts from the ‘Downloaded Fonts’ into the ‘Fonts’ folder.
  5. Open your Microsoft or PhotoShop programs and new fonts should be installed and ready for use! (If you had any programs open, you’ll need to restart it for the fonts to be used.)

Using your fun fonts!

The two programs I use to edit my pictures are PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop. Most of the graphics I make on the blog (headers and buttons) are done in PowerPoint, and all of my food pictures are edited in Photoshop.
I found this fun image on Pinterest that gives you ideas on how to mix and match fonts for photos! It came from a blog called SNF Fontaholic.
Click here to check it out! (Not posting since it is not my image.)

Want to style with CSS?

If you are familiar with HTML and CSS coding, you can check out this new font styling tutorial at Code It Pretty. Even if you aren’t super code savvy, you should check out Marie’s site and see what you can pick up. I didn’t know the first thing about coding when I started blogging. It was nice to learn a few things from her!

Want more blogging tips?

Follow my ‘blogging’ board on Pinterest! I try to pin all the blog related posts that I find.
These are just a few tips that I have found helpful!
Do you have any other suggestions?
What would you like to see tips on in the future?

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