Blog Tip Friday: How to Embed a Pinterest Board

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I love Pinterest.

Do you love Pinterest?

If you don’t, you should! It’s an unbelievably amazing source for anything you want. A new potato salad recipe, birthday party ideas, how to decorate your bedroom nightstand, places to visit in Europe… you’ll find awesome pictures and links to the content there, I guarantee it.

Pinterest is one of my site’s biggest sources for page views. I don’t think that is uncommon, either. As a blogger, you should definitely have an active Pinterest page. Well, that’s just my opinion. Even if you don’t, people can pin your content anyway.

Today’s tutorial is how to embed a Pinterest board on your website. The board will show up as an image, and have a clickable link to Pinterest. If you have a board you want to feature on your blog, this is a beautiful way to display it!

how to embed a pinterest board

Step one. 

Go to the Widget Builder page on Pinterest for Business. You do not need to be registered as a business to build a widget.

Step two.

Click the ‘board widget’ option. Enter the URL for your Pinterest board you want to display, then click ‘build it!’

step 2

Step three.

Updated on 8/14/2014! Pinterest made this step easier, woo! You will see a preview of your board pop up, along with a piece of coding. Highlight and copy the code, and place it wherever you want the board to show in your website. Make sure you’re using the HTML editor, not a ‘visual’ editor!

The board may not show in your publisher. You can preview your post or page to see if it is placed where you want it.

step 3

And viola! You have an embedded Pinterest board!

Follow Slim Sanity’s board Food Photography on Pinterest.

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Do you have Pinterest? Do you find this tutorial useful?

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