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I’m toying around with the idea of retiring Wine of the Week. Or perhaps posting it biweekly. As it turns out, I am not quite the wine lush that I used to be. Hah! Just kidding. I still drink wine. I just don’t typically have any new wines before Thursday night, and I prefer to spend time with Kyle when I’m having a glass of wine, not my computer. And yesterday I was exhausted, likely from Insanity workouts Monday – Wednesday and a late night sand volleyball game on Wednesday night. I took it as a rest day and got to bed early. Only water with dinner for me last night.
For now, we’ll try something new.

I am constantly looking for ways to improve my blog. If you’ve been a reader at Slim Sanity for any longer than a few months, you’ve probably noticed how frequently I’ve changed the header of my blog. I’m pretty happy with the one I’ve come up with now. I’m sure it will stick around for a while, until I want to change up the pictures in it. I’m always looking to improve.
I am by no means a blogging expert. But I have learned a thing or two in the last year that I have been at Slim Sanity, and a lot of that is through helpful links from other bloggers. I’d like to share some of the latest finds with you all today!

Google +

Do you use Google +? Do you know of any friends who use it? Is it useful social media to you?
Early this week, I said ‘no’ to all these questions. I’ve been using it for only a few days now, and love it. The trick is, you need to know how to use Google + before you can see any value in it. I advice you to check out this series from Code It Pretty.
After reading the article, go have a look at the Communities feature of Google +. Get to know the community, the guidelines used by the members, and start some conversations! You can learn a lot, ‘meet’ new people who have the same interests as you, and spread awareness for your blog or brand.


I was disappointed once again to miss the #blogsmarter twitter chat held by Olive to Run, Lean Green Bean, Runladylike, and My Neon Running Shoes. I missed it due to work the first time, and my volleyball game the next. Lucky for me, they put up some great recaps! You can find some blogging tips and tricks from the chat hosted by these ladies here.

Optimize Your Footer

Most people who first find your page will not know what kind of content you have available. They may fin a random article through a Google search, and scroll on down. What do they scroll down to?  Your footer! You can help new readers get to know your blog a little bit better by giving them something helpful to look at, such as what else you have to offer on your blog or some of your featured articles that you are proud of. I revamped my footer a few months ago! 
Want some other ideas? Check out this article by The SITS Girls.
Where do you go for blogging advice? 

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