Blog Tip Friday: Helpful Links 8

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Today’s post will be short and sweet. And full of wonderful blogging goodness. Ready, set, go!

HLS 2013

Great recap from some great talks. Wish I could have gone! Hopefully next year.

Get your social media in order

Short checklist for getting organized.

Choose your colors strategically

What do the colors of your blog say about you?

Do you self host?

I don’t yet. Probably will happen in the future…when I make more than minimum wage. #lifeofagradstudent

Posting in a series

Advice on whether to make one long blog post, or split it up into several.

More SEO

We all want to read more about SEO, right?


I missed this recap from a couple weeks back.

Promoting blog posts

I like this article more for listing what’s considered faux pas than what is acceptable.
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