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Aaaaand…. The week is over. Too bad I spent over half of it (literally) laying in bed. But I’m feeling better now, and I have lots to look forward to next week. We have visitors coming! Kyle’s sister and her boyfriend are coming down to Dallas, and I can’t wait! 

I’m also hoping to have some new recipes and workouts up for y’all next week. We’ll see what I accomplish this weekend. Today is actually my 3 year dating anniversary with my wonderful fiance. I see some quality time and date night happening!
Let’s jump right in to another round of Blog Tip Friday – link share style!

New to blogging?

Reading through this article, I agreed with a lot of this!

Wanna make money?

Here are some pointers to making money with your blog

Get your readers involved

Tips to help get your readers involved in your discussions

Have you heard of this link-up?

I stumbled across this last week. This is, what appears to be, a huge link-up party on an amazing blog! A fun place to share your recipes, crafts, projects, etc and find other awesome bloggers! I always make sure to give other bloggers some love when I link-up to a site. 
Strut Your Stuff Saturday Link-up Party via Six Sister’s Stuff (link up from last week)

More link-up parties!

Well, Six Sister’s actually directed me here. A website with a ‘directory’ of link-ups.

Titles Are Important

I toy around with these a lot. Luckily I have a lot of recipes, those are pretty easy!

Want more?

Have a fabulous Friday!

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