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I am a tired one this morning. I was able to peel myself out of bed this morning mostly because my dog seemed like he really needed some attention. The funk has left the building, but this morning is a bit dreary. Kind of rainy, kind of not. Would have been a great morning to continue a Grey’s Anatomy Netflix session in bed, but the weekend doesn’t start until tomorrow, so I suppose that will just have to wait!

As I reread what I’ve written, I sound like the funk is still within me (I also just realized I chose a nearly completely black outfit to wear to work today), but I promise that is not the case. Because it is FRIDAY! And I have an at-home Red Box date night planned with the fiance tonight. I’m thinking about making this for dinner, and it should be a really lovely evening!
For now, we’ll get on with Blog Tip Friday. I have a few articles I’ve found over the past week to share with you all!

copyrights on images

Do you always make your own images for your posts? If you don’t, here is what you should be doing to play it safe.

Pinterest Attribution

I didn’t really know what this was, but after reading the article, it looks pretty cool. I get a lot of my blog hits from Pinterest, so it’s something I will consider looking into!

Post Formatting

Can help give you some ideas.

Facebook has Hashtags

Okay, so this is kind of old news. Does anyone use them?

Google Authorship

Do you have it?


Recap from another great Twitter chat
Blog Smarter #3 Recap via Olive To Run 

Want more?

Have a fabulous Friday!

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