Blog Tip Friday: Helpful Links 2

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To specific topic for you all on this merry Blog Tip Friday! I just want to share some link love for some articles I discovered this week (some old, some new) that could help you with your blogging experience!

Media Kits

This has been a hot topic for me lately. I am by no means experienced in making media kits, but have just started receiving blogging opportunities in which a media kit was requested. I have an amateur media kit, and once it is as awesome as all of these, I will be open to sharing it! Check out these articles:

Page Rank

I had never heard of an Alexa page rank before. Read this article to find out what it is and how to improve it.


Have you heard of Passionfruit Ads? I plan to have a much bigger post on the awesomeness of this application. For now, you can learn more about Passionfruit Ads here!

Blog Design

I learned a few things from this one!
Blog Design Tips for Non-Designers via Healthy Living Blogs

Don’t forget, Google Reader is going away soon!

I never actually used Google Reader. I am a huge fan of Bloglovin’. Find out how to transfer your Google Reader to Bloglovin’ before it’s gone!
That’s all for today, folks! Don’t forget to check out my NuNaturals giveaway! Great products that you don’t want to miss out on!

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