Blog Tip Friday: Helpful Links 15

Blog Tip Friday: Helpful Links 15

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Wow, this week kinda got away from me. I started working on a Style Guide that I was going to share today, but it’s not quite as finished as I’d like it to be. Or maybe it is, and I just don’t know it yet!

I’ve also been revamping Pinterest again, and fixing some old posts to create better, pinnable graphics.

Oh, and I’m going to start fitness coaching! More on that at a later time. 🙂

Anyhow, luckily I’ve been pinning my little heart out lately to my Blogging and Business board, so I have some good links to share with you all.

Here we go!

blog tip friday

PS. My ew favorite blogging website is Blog Clarity, you’ll see several links from her below!


Five Ways to Improve Your Blog Photos via Design Eat Repeat
How to Copyright Photos in Photoshop via Midwestern Moms

Blogging for Business

Everything You Need to Know About Blogs and Brands Working Together via Best Friends for Frosting
Pros and Cons of Blogging as a Business by The Healthy Maven
How Cheap Hosting Can Cost Your a Fortune via Erine Flynn
Tax Prep for Bloggers via Pretty Providence


Three Tips for Faster Blogging via Anne Marie Loves
5 Tips to Prepare for a Blog Conference via Blog Clarity
How to Update Your Navigation Menu to Increase Pageviews via Blog Clarity
5 Things to Watch in Your Blog Analytics via Blog Clarity

E-mail Lists

4 Reasons to Start Building Your E-mail Subscribers Today via The Healthy Maven
How to Stop Throwing Away Blog Traffic and Get More Subscribers via The Blog Maven

Social Media

Grow Your Blog Traffic with Social Media E-Kit via By Regina
How to Succeed on Twitter by Really Trying via Blog Canva
How to Watch Your Competitors on Facebook via Blog Clarity

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