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blog tip friday

Woooooo!! It’s Friday!

Why am I so excited for THIS Friday?

Well obviously. It’s a THREE.DAY.WEEKEND. Laaaaabor Daaaay! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Now that I’m in the ‘working world’ again, my weekends have taken on a whole new meaning. So has my version of a clean house… Dishes seem to sit around a little bit longer. Laundry seems to pile up a little bit higher. But that’s alright. When you wake up before the crack of dawn to workout, scramble out the door eating breakfast and make it to work around 7 AM, some quality time at home with the husband is much better spent than doing chores. We can keep up for the most part during the week, but the weekends are all about catching up.

Not just catching up on chores either. Sleep, and socializing sneak there way in there, too. And we have a whoooole extra day for socializing this weekend! On the lake. Or in the pool. Or both. With a beer.

Anywho, we have two friends visiting town this weekend. We’re prepared for a pretty great time. I hope that you find yourself something entertaining to do this weekend, too!

Enough babble. Here are your links for Blog Tip Friday.

Get Your Content Read

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Social Media

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Blog Growth & Money

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Plans this weekend? Any good blog tip posts for me to pin?

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