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Sometimes I wonder how well this series really fits the niche of my blog.

Then I sit back after scarfing down a bowl full of Ramen noodles, and care a little bit less.

Because sometimes, you need to just do the things you like! (I mean, I know Ramen isn’t the ‘healthiest’, but sometimes it just tastes SO good.) And I like Blog Tip Friday, so I guess it’ll continue to stay.

Here we are with this week’s helpful links.


Design your site to catch a readers eye
Good infographic
Eye Tracking via HubSpot

Grow your blog
Basically, it takes a lot of freaking work. Not everyone may hit the marker (I haven’t), but you sure can try.
How to Hit 1,000,000 Visits in a Year of Blogging via Blogging On The Side

I love it, and so should you.
Building a Loyal Following on Pinterest via Love Grows Design

Attention food bloggers
Good tips via Sally’s Baking Addiction
10 Tips for Growing Your Food Blog
Food Photography Tips and Tricks

Ew, spam
I get so many of these e-mails!
How to Identify Spammers Posing as Guest Posters via Katy Widrick

Sharing is caring!
Sharing good content is one of the reasons people will want to follow you. It doesn’t always have to be your own content.
20+ Places to Find Superb Content to Share on Social Media via Twelve Skip

Do you know how to set them? (So this is more ‘business,’ but can surely apply to blogging)
B.R.A.Z.E.N. Goal Setting via Carla Birnberg

Ok, I really liked this blog I stumbled upon, Love Grows Design. Yes, it’s a design blog, but it’s got some good blogging stuff.
Making The Most of Your New Blog Design
Creating A Blog Style Guide


What topics would you like to see covered in Blog Tip Friday?

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