Blog Tip Friday: Finding Your Blogging Voice

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This is a topic I debated whether or not to write myself. In fact I found myself thinking too hard about the words I typed into my post generator, and it started off as a bit of a mess in my head. But that is just one step to creating my blogging voice. Whether it’s screaming from each post or not, well, is yet to be determined. But it’s definitely decibels louder than it was when I first started.

There are several bloggers that I love, and still read devoutly each time they publish. Two of these (among very many) are Jenn and Miz. Although they are two different types of blogs, I eat every word they throw at me. I could see one of their posts anywhere and recognize it is from them. In my opinion, they have a blogging voice that shouts from the rooftops of each and every post.

That is what I sought for my own posts.

And in forcing a voice, out only came a whisper of the real ‘me.’

Among the many languages I speak are English, science nerd, and sarcasm. Some of the others might be considered inappropriate. But, those languages are all me. Tying them into my blogging voice took a little time. Your blogging voice should represent you and also what your blog represents. Perhaps it’s the ‘finding your niche’ part that takes more time.

Here are a few guidelines I use, and questions I ask myself as I go about blogging.

  • If it feels forced, don’t finish it. Start over and take a little while to think about what you’re trying to write.
  • What is the goal of the piece? I don’t have posts too often that take me down this road. The goal of most of my posts is to give you all a delicious piece of food to stuff in your face. But sometimes I get a bit deeper than that.
  • Am I passionate, or even remotely care, about this topic? This can come in to play when writing for other, specifically companies. It can be tempting when you’re a blogger to do compensated reviews one after the other. But if you are doing it just for the money, people will know if you don’t have anything true and interesting to say.
  • Is this something I would say in my real, non-virtual life?‘ Authenticity is key.
  • How do you want to define the personality of your blog? Is it reflected in this post? Are your posts going to be serious? Funny? Thoughtful? 
  • Is this a topic/post that represents myself and my blog/brand? Like I said, your voice is a reflection of you and your blog or brand. Make sure it fits. I try to keep all of my posts health related. I post healthy recipes, healthy living tips, workouts, yadda yadda. I then try to incorporate each post as an insight to my own life. If I’m writing something, I want it to promote my vision of my blog. I also want actually be promoting it. If I’m claiming to live life a certain way, I better damn well be doing it. Hence why I promote ‘balance’ so much on my blog, because that is how I live.
It should go without saying your posts should have correct grammar. I know that spelling mistakes happen from time to time (yea, I’ve had them pointed out to me before!), but proof reading does wonders.

It took me a long time to be confident writing a post and publishing it. When you blog you open yourself up to the whole world (assuming your posts are public), which can sometimes lead to criticism and judgement. And that whole ‘are-people-going-to-like-me-on-the-first-day-of-school’ thing back in junior high. Maybe I’m the only one who had problems with that, but you get the idea. Everyone has their own opinions, so just make sure to be true to your own.

Once you find your voice, the whole process seems to be a bit easier. For me, I’m still doing some fine tuning. Of course there are always days when writing just isn’t going to happen. I shrug it off. It’s not what I do for a living, so I’m never on a deadline. I think even if you do write for a living, getting a bit of writer’s block is normal!

Experienced bloggers – What did you focus on to find your ‘blogging voice?’

Newbies – Have you thought about what direction you want to your blog to go?

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