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Happy Blog Tip Friday! Kyle and I are entertaining his sister and boyfriend for the weekend, and Melissa from Freeing Imperfections was kind enough to help me out today. I found Melissa through Lindsay, and I was so happy I did! I approached her for a Blog Tip guest post because she’s written several blogging posts that I’ve either related to or learned from. Here’s another great post, I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever hit a slump in your blogging? Do you feel like you’re doing the same thing all the time, and thus not seeing any new growth?

If your goal is to grow your blog and online presence, there’s no doubt that you’ve hit some road bumps along the way. It’s easy to get comfortable with your routine and the way you run your blog. But doing the same thing and expecting different results? I think we all know that is thinking along the lines of insanity – and it can also drive you insane!

Here’s some ideas to help you boost your blog growth, whether you want more readers, new blog topics, or more blog friends. These tips will help you find what you’re looking for.

5 Ideas to Boost Blog Growth

1. Do Your Own Blog Hop

No, I’m not talking about creating one of those link up blog hop things. This is a quick way to boost blog growth, one that I see almost as a game with myself. The goal is to hop from blog to blog, leaving a comment on each one (when appropriate) for a total of 20 “hops.” Start with one of your own blog posts. Click on a blogger’s comment to get to their blog. Leave them a comment. Then, click on another blogger’s comment from that post and comment on their blog. Do this until you’ve hopped 20 times. You’re most likely going to visit some blog’s that you never have before. By leaving a comment, that blogger might realize that you’re a new reader/commenter, and possibly visit you back. You never know where the connection might lead! Plus, this leads you to see many different blogs, which might spark some fresh ideas for your own blog.

2. Ask Your Readers What They Want

I usually blog about what I find interesting, but what about what my readers find interesting? What about what they most want to know about me? Do they have any unanswered questions? These questions make great topics! When you can provide information that readers desire, they’re going to eat it up like crazy instead of just glossing over it like an average post. You can ask your readers via your blog or any social media what it is they want. Search results are also a good avenue to see why people are coming to your blog. If search results like “good smoothie recipes” or “quick workouts” are leading people to your blog, more of those topics are bound to make readers happy. See a common theme with reader requests or search results? Consider starting a post series about that topic or aiming to blog about it more frequently.

3. Treat Your Blog Like a Job

If you didn’t show up to work today, would you get paid? No, you probably wouldn’t! Your blog works just like a job. When you don’t show up, no one else does either. When you decide not to show up, you’re not going to get “paid” for doing nothing. By treating your blog like a part-time job or even giving your blogging time set hours in the day or week, your blog is going to grow so much more than if you just show up “when you feel like it.”

When I first started blogging, I was in the show up when I felt like it boat. Once I committed to consistently working on my blog every day, my blog traffic skyrocketed, my readership grew, and blog topics were coming out my brain at 100 miles an hour!

If you want to see growth, decide to make a commitment to your blog. It could be 2 hours a week, two half an hour chunks each day, 5 hours one day – whatever works for you. Just do it! You should also use a hosting provider that will enable you to grow big and support many readers at a time. Why not try using one of the hostiserver premium packages before reaching out for new readers!

4. Live Life

Sometimes when I’m pushing myself so hard to pump out post after post and come up with really great topics, I realize I have nothin’ left. Sometimes I envision a better picture of what I want my blog to me like, but working hard long hours at the computer seems to leave me with little motivation to get it there. At that point, it’s best to take a rest from blogging, whether that means taking a few days off altogether, or simply taking an hour refresher before coming back to finish what you started. I find that the more I priorizing time away from blogging, the better my blogging becomes. Ideas don’t come from the blog, but life, so you have to go out there and really live it, right?


When I’m inspired in my personal life by reading a good book or testing out a new recipe, blog ideas come naturally. But when I suffocate my life into waking up and writing a blog post, it’s unnatural and dry. Spice up your life by doing what you love & you’ll never run out of good topics & inspiration for your blog!

5. Be Yourself

If you aren’t being you on your blog, readers can see through that. Be absolutely you. This doesn’t mean you have to gush every detail of your life. It just means that you are confident and comfortable with being the only person you can be: yourself. The one thing readers appreciate the most, I’ve found, is honesty. One heart-felt blog post opening up about an important topic or something you’re passionate about is going to be much more successful than five half-hearted “what you think you should say” posts.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips! Thanks to Alysia for letting me borrow her blog for the day. If you liked these tips, be sure to check out all of my blog tips.

Happy Blogging!

Questions for You:

  • What has boosted growth in your blog?
  • Where do you want growth the most? In gaining more readers, having more blog “friends,” design, or something else?
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