Benefits of HIIT – Lower Blood Sugar

Benefits of HIIT – Lower Blood Sugar

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Now that I have started a ‘real job’ (meaning I go in to work at 7:30 AM and will leave around 5 PM), fitting in a good workout every day is not as easy.

Yes, I do get up at 5 AM frequently to workout. But it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I need a little more sleep. And that means a shorter workout in the morning.

Or, a workout broken up into different times of the day.

I have done this for a while. Usually a lifting session in the morning, and some kind of cardio later in the day. My typical cardio workout is a walk or a quick HIIT circuit. When I have time, I’ll go on several 10-15 minute walks throughout the day to get out of the office.

I am a big advocate of HIIT exercise. It’s great for those who like to switch up their workouts. Besides being an entertaining form of exercise, there are lots of health benefits to HIIT, too!

benefits of HIIT

A new study has shown that this approach to exercise, broken up into what researchers call ‘snack size’ portions, is more beneficial than a longer workout session.

In this study, participants either exercised for 12 minute HIIT style workouts 3 times a day, or a 30 minute stretch after dinner. The participants who exercised for 30 minutes after dinner had lowered their blood sugar (this is a common effect after exercise) after their meal. But the participants who exercised for 12 minutes several times a day had a longer lasting effect of lowered blood sugar. You can read more about this study here.

So, what does this really mean? Well, it could be a better method if you are trying to lower your blood sugar to approach exercise.

But it also means that if you don’t have time for a 45-60 minute workout in the morning, it’s totally okay. In fact, maybe this approach will work better for you! There are lots of ways to fit in a little extra cardio throughout your day.

What time a day, or how many times a day, do you workout?

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