Banana Overnight Oats

Last night was my weekly walk date with my friend GeeGee. We chose to walk over at White Rock Lake instead of around one of our neighborhoods. I think it was a good choice.

It was actually my first time walking out there. It’s a lot prettier, and we don’t have to worry about crossing streets and cars, only a biker here and there.

We walked 4 miles in an hour, a little bit faster than we did last time. Pretty good considering we talk the entire time!


I had put a simple dinner of sandwiches on the meal plan for yesterday thinking Kyle had basketball. It turns out his games are on Thursdays now, but we stuck with the sandwiches and threw some soup in the mix.

I didn’t get too fancy with my sandwich, but made sure to add a few veggies. Turkey breast, red onion, lots of spinach, and a little bit of light Miracle Whip.


I was so exhausted from the weekend and a double workout yesterday, I slept a whole 8 hours straight through. It’s very rarely that I do that. I woke up at 6:00 AM, and my body was still a little sluggish. I decided to keep it easier on the cardio for the day, doing a 20 minute incline treadmill workout.

Even at a speed 5, my heart rate soared after walking up all that incline. After stretching, I continued on to a leg workout, and then did the same abdominal workout I did last Thursday.


Last night I had an experiment: my first overnight oats batch. This was a recipe I made up on the fly, so it was also experimental. I grabbed a bunch of stuff and put it together right before bed.

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. They looked super soupy, and since I never made them before I didn’t know how well they’d thicken up. But I pulled them out of the fridge this morning and was presently surprised! I added a dollop of Reginald’s Homemade Hazelnut Amaretto peanut butter and sat down to try them.

I know most of the overnight oats recipes I see have chia seeds in them, but being on a pretty tight budget, a trip to Whole Foods to extra goods isn’t really an option right now. If they sold them at Walmart….I might be willing to splurge. 🙂 But I will say, they still tasted pretty good without the magical chia seeds! Here’s how I made them.

Banana Overnight Oats
Recipe Type: Breakfast, Oats
Author: Alysia
  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1/3 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • dash of cinnamon
  1. Put all the ingredients together in a jar, or similar container.
  2. Stir together, and let sit in the fridge overnight.
  3. Top with your favorite ingredients, and indulge while realizing how nice it is not to take time to make breakfast in the morning!

While I thought they were really good, I already have some ideas of how I’ll modify them next time. I also think that I might only eat them on my off days from working out…after a workout I think I just crave more savory dishes like bacon and eggs. But don’t get me wrong….more overnight oats will definitely be in my future!

Have you eaten overnight oats before? What is your favorite way to make them?

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