When The Balance Gets Tipped, Straighten It Out

When The Balance Gets Tipped, Straighten It Out

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We had a truly MARVELOUS weekend.

Kyle and I joined two other couples for camping at Loyd Park at Joe Pool Lake this weekend. We ended up with perfect weather, only 80 during the day and down to 55 or so at night. No rain, just sunshine!


We usually try to be active when we go camping, and on weekends in general. Although we always try to be active, we don’t always succeed.

This seems to have been happening to us a lot over the weekends. It is so easy to say…

‘Well…the weekend is supposed to be for relaxing. So, I think I’ll just do that.’
‘I did laundry today – I think that counts!’
‘My fantasy football team is winning, I need to watch the games!!’

Life happens. We get tired. We want to shut our brains off.

And enter the weekend I-wannabe-a-couch-potato attitude.

Too often we let our fitness and health goals slip on the weekends. And it’s not always fitness! What is usually worse for me over the weekend is FOOD. I struggle with mindless snacking and conscious overeating constantly.

It’s so hard to break the habits, but I get better at it every day.

I’ve been conquering my mindsets on food – and I’m now working harder on my laziness mindset for the weekend.

So, I made sure that this weekend, being out of my home and routine, didn’t throw me off.

I had a P90 workout scheduled for the day, but obviously no DVD player to use out in the woods. (Well, this might not be too obvious for some – the people a couple campsites down from us brought TVs and a satellite!) I knew that I had to overcome any laziness that always lingers when I’m away from home and cram at least a 30 minute workout in somewhere.

Luckily, my girlfriends felt the same way! We started out our Saturday morning with a two mile walk with the dogs, then completed a circuit workout.

Camping Circuit Workout

We got creative and used our picnic table at the campsite as our ‘gym.’ We did tricep dips and step ups from the bench. We also did some decline push-ups and stretching too!


After our workout we got the dogs some more exercise. We also found out that Mia is gonna be pretty good at fetch. She’s already much better than Barkley!


The pups were pretty happy to be out laying and rolling around in the dirt.


The rest of the afternoon we did some reading and played bocce ball and some other yard games.

I also found time to finish my yoga challenge that was scheduled for the day.


The whole weekend was a pretty good balance for me, which I preach daily and try my hardest to do.

Sometimes the balance gets tipped in the wrong direction. When this happens – don’t get upset with yourself. Beating yourself up isn’t worth it. All you have to do is figure out what to do to straighten it out.

I had some good, comfort camping food this weekend, but not too much. I chose carrots over chips, but I had cheeseburgers and potato salad. I actually skipped on Smore’s both nights, which is a pretty big achievement for me, haha! I walked a lot, and had some drinks too.

I kept the perfect balance to come home and not feel like I cheated myself out of another weekend to get a little bit closer to my goals.

And I THINK this weekend was just what I needed keep the feeling going.

Wishing you love and health,

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Has life hit you hard and tipped your balance? How do you get yourself back on track?

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