Back Attack

Back Attack

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That jello feeling when your done with a workout.

The inability to put on your coat or open a heavy door.

That’s what this workout will give you…that’s what it gave me, at least! I did a major back workout with my friend Anne last week at UTD. I don’t typically workout with a partner, but I’ve realized how much harder you can push yourself with someone there helping you!

I don’t workout back as often as I should, either. I hadn’t attempted pull-ups before. I know they’re tough, but tried anyway. I failed miserably. BUT I did do 3 sets of the machine assisted pull-ups. I loved it. This workout was really a lot of fun, targeting mainly back but also working the entire upper body. I’m definitely gonna bring it out again…once I regain full function of my upper body. 😉

back attack

Learn the moves:
Assisted pull-ups
Close grip front lat pulls
Wide grip lat pulls
Dumbbell bent over row
Dumbbell bent over rear flyes (the way we did this, it was almost more of an outward row…I’ll try to get pictures next time!)
Dumbbell upright row
T-bar row
Seated cable rows

Pull ups…can you do them?

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