What I Ate While Battling With Trigger Foods

What I Ate While Battling With Trigger Foods

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Yesterday I posted about battling some ‘trigger foods’ of mine that have been in the house.

A ‘trigger food’ is a food that triggers you to have BAD habits, like overeating, which is what trigger foods do for me. Back in the day I had problems with binge eating (especially while/after partying) and sweets have ALWAYS been one that I struggle with.

I’d be FINE with it if I could have one serving, be satisfied, and be done.

But when I have stuff like this in the house, many times I don’t have the self control to stop. One handful turns into 10 and then I’ve eaten a week’s worth of sugar in one afternoon.

In any case, when this happens, I try to eat as normally as I can to see if the ‘craving’ for it goes away.

Breakfast: Egg white scramble with black beans, ground turkey taco meat, red onion, mozzarella (I think, probably) and avocado

Egg white scramble with black beans

Morning Snack: For the last several days has been LÄRABARs. They are a great snack when I want something sweet.


Lunch: Fajita seasoned crockpot shredded chicken, jasmine rice, carrots and avocado

Food Prepped Lunch

Dinner: A side salad of iceberg lettuce, avocado, walnuts, mozzarella, a drizzle of EVOO, and some garlic salt dashed on top. Then I had a grilled pork chop and some roasted potatoes.

Garlic and Avocado side salad

Grilled porkchop and roasted red potatoes

And THEN I was sitting at home all night with a giant jar of M&Ms hollering at me.

So I had one handful.

And then I wanted more! So instead of another handful, which I knew would just lead to another, I made a protein shake and added a few to the top.

In my shake was a scoop of vanilla Shakeology, ice, regular almond milk, and a swirl of NuStevia Cocoa Syrup from NuNaturals. Then a handful of M&Ms on top.

Making this shake satisfied my M&M ‘craving’, but also made me FULL so I felt more satisfied and didn’t reach back into the dreaded jar.

Protein shakes are my go-to for what I eat when my sweet tooth is being a bi-atch. 🙂


What are your trigger foods? Can you ever keep them in the house?

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