At-Home Weekly Workouts #4

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Last week’s workouts were filled with lots of squats and a few new moves.

Our arms were sore like no other after doing these one-arm snatches in Thursday’s workout. It was a move Kyle had done in crossfit a few years back, but a move that was completely new to me. Even though I didn’t use a ton of weight, my arms were feeling it! It probably didn’t help that the end of the week was pretty push-up heavy, too.

This week, I also incorporated a video for one of my workouts. I found this video online through Fit Approach. One of the co-foudners of Fit Approach, Jamie Walker, does some videos for SheKnows. I loved this one! You can see the video embedded below last week’s at-home workouts.

at-home workouts four

What better way to start off a Monday morning than with 10 minutes worth of burpees?!

Saturday’s workout was a little tough too. My arms were dead, being sore from Thursday and then all the push-ups and triceps dips. On the plus side – I have noticed more definition in my arms after doing these last several weeks of body weight at-home workouts.

Definitely going to be keeping this up!

Check out the 20 minute strength video from SheKnows below!

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