Alcohol Nutrition Label – Where Is It?

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Why doesn't alcohol have a nutrition label?

Today I’m thinking out loud to you about a topic I wish I had more information on.

Why doesn’t alcohol come with a nutrition on the bottle. (Or box, if you’re classy #FRANZIA.)

Isn’t that a really great question? I think it is.

Now, don’t get confused. I know that alcohol doesn’t technically have ‘nutrition’ to show in a label. BUT, alcohol DOES have calories – and this should be shown in a label.

Alcohol also has sugar! Which we know is bad. Our over-consumption of sugar is BAD.

Shouldn’t consumers be AWARE of how many calories, and sugars, they ingest when they drink?

Those of you who know me personally, and probably some of you from the blog, know that I DO drink socially. I mean, I did run a Wine of the Week column for a while.

I am not opposed to having several drinks on a weekend while out with friends, or a Christmas party, birthday party, date night at home. Or a drink or two on a random weeknight happy hour I get invited to (doesn’t happen often anymore).

Do I do this every day? NO. Do I do this every weekend? Usually one day on the weekend, yes. Occasionally more than that. Occasionally less than that. Recently I’ve gone weekends without drinking at all.

Alcohol currently fits into my own fitness goals. If I were trying to be super lean for a photoshoot – this probably would be a different story. But I don’t do that, so yes, I enjoy my vodka from time to time.

That being said, I’d still like to know the actual caloric facts of what I drink. This can sometimes be found on beer, but not usually to my knowledge. And definitely not with any type of liquor. Unflavored vodka is what I usually drink (mixed with water, a lemon and lime, actually), and I know this to be one of the least caloric and sugary drinks out there.

But honestly, I’m not to worried about my own caloric intake when it comes to alcohol. I got a handle on that (Not a handle of Fireball, folks, that is reserved for limo rides during a wedding only #letsbereal).

The Ehles

Shortly before the Fireball was broken out.

I would like this nutritional information to be EASILY available for those who are trying to lose weight for their own health reasons.

Many people are not knowledgeable of the fact a Bud Light contains 110 calories. (This one might be listed on some cans actually, I don’t really know, I don’t drink beer.)

But can you imagine how many calories and grams of SUGAR are probably in a shot of Fireball? It is definitely NOT listed on their website.

I’d like to know where in the process the FDA is on making this happen. I didn’t feel like reading through the legal mumbo jumbo on their site as to why they don’t, but I did find this article from June 2013 saying that The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has been trying to make this happen since 2007.

Maybe having easy access to this information would change the way some people drink and party. Maybe it wouldn’t. I don’t know.

All I’m saying is it would be nice to know when we buy it.

What do you think? Is this something consumers need? Anyone have more info on this?

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