Affordable Wedding Programs

Affordable Wedding Programs

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affordable wedding programs

I knew from the start of planning our wedding that I wanted to design our wedding programs. There are so many cute ideas floating around on Pinterest, and I definitely didn’t want to pay big bucks to have it done.

I wanted a design that was simple, but could hold all the information we needed on it. I wanted to include:

  • Order of Service
  • Names of all the songs played
  • Mention of the reception immediately following ceremony
  • The relationship of all the wedding party to us

Since we were not ordering them from a service, we’d have to find a way to print them ourselves. I figured that finding a design that was lengthwise on the paper would serve best for what I wanted.

I actually had a close friend, Kacie, volunteer to make the program template for me. She is great at graphic design and does some of this for a living. So, I found a design that I wanted to work around, and sent it her way. She used Adobe InDesign to do this, but you could design your own programs with lots of different software, some that are free.

DIY wedding programs

Kacie did a fabulous job creating these programs. Following the basic design I sent over, she chose fonts, colors, and design elements that fit our wedding theme perfectly! We also were able to personalize it a bit more with a quote on the bottom of the program.

wedding programs 3

As far as printing goes, we exhausted options for the most affordable printing option.

We had 280 people RSVP to the wedding, so I figured around 300 programs would be more than enough. I originally thought Vista Print was the way to go, since we had such a good experience ordering our wedding invitations there. But, they only gave 100, 250, or 500 quantity options for ordering, and the price wasn’t worth it to order 500 and have 200+ surplus of programs!

Kacie found the best option, which was ordering from UPS Online Printing. I had no idea you could print items there, but it’s easy enough to upload what you want and have it shipped! The only thing is, they ship them uncut. Since we did a lengthwise template, there were two programs per page. But that was no big deal in the long run! Our final order for all the programs was $116.

It was a little bit more than we wanted to spend, but we did need to order 300 programs which would have been a big undertaking if we printed them ourselves. It may or may not have been cheaper to print them at home, but after buying all the needed color ink and card stock, and time it would take, I think ordering them online was worth it. They turned out beautifully!

Share your DIY wedding stationary ideas below in the comments!

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