About the Blogger

Hey there! How are you? My name is Alysia, and I’m the blogger behind Slim Sanity. I’m originally from Wisconsin, but I currently live in Dallas, TX with my husband and our daughter. Some of my favorite things include cooking, a bubbly glass of champagne, food photography, and a perfectly ripe avocado. Not necessarily in that order.

Understanding health and nutrition is a passion of mine that I discovered during my years of PhD research. I left the scientific industry a couple years after grad school in pursuit of uncovering my own health, and more importantly, happiness.

Slim Sanity is two parts cookbook, one part journal, and one part sarcasm. I mean cookbook in the literal sense, as the majority of what is published are recipes. But maybe it is the figurative sense, too. As part journal, this blog contains the ingredients I’ve used for crafting my own well-balanced recipe for simple, healthy living.

The cookbook for healthy living isn’t quite done, and may never be finished. Just like Grey’s Anatomy, it keeps going and going. (That part is sarcasm.)

Thanks for stopping by today, I truly appreciate it! If you’d like updates on what happens here, follow me on Instagram.

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