8 Must-Listen Podcasts

8 Must-Listen Podcasts

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8 Must-Listen Podcasts for Personal Development and Business | slimsanity.com

Well, I had recorded a video at work for you today (it was only 5 minutes long, so don’t worry, I wasn’t procrastinating that terribly). I got home to edit it in iMovie and realized there was a piece of equipment humming really loud (like, really loud) in the background. It was super distracting. I’ll have to re-shoot the video for another day. Sad face.

Instead, I’m throwing up 8 must-listen podcasts. These are shows that I listen to all the time when I’m commuting to work, cleaning the house, or out for a run! There are a handful of others in my subscription list, but these are my favorites.

Personal Development/Lifestyle Shows

I would say these fall under the category of ‘personal development’ or ‘lifestyle,’ although those are not actual categories within iTunes, unfortunately! Without further ado, here is my list.

1. The Chalene Show – Chalene covers business, fitness and general life categories. Her show is the first one I go to when a new episode has downloaded. She often interviews other people, but will do shows based on her own background as knowledge as well.

2. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes – I’ve more recently gotten into this one. Lewis interviews a wide range of people, in fact I just listened to one this week where he interviewed Julianne Hough!

3. The Jillian Michaels Show – She only pumps out one podcast a week, but it’s always hilariously entertaining. I listened to her while on my run yesterday!

4. The Art of Charm – This show was initially geared towards men. But the host, Jordan, recently acknowledged the fact that many more women are listening to the show as well. GREAT tips on business and networking, building relationships, and other tidbits on life and love.

5. The Dave Ramsey Show – This one is strictly finance, though Dave covers some other ‘common sense’ and current political issues. I find it motivating as we’re on our own long trek to pay off our debt. It also shines light to many subjects I wouldn’t have had prior knowledge on, like investments and things like that.


For the bloggers or business owners out there, these three shows are great for learning how to grow a business, market your products, or promote your blog.

1. Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield is an expert in Facebook marketing, and you can really learn a lot from her. She also interviews people in the business/entrepreneurial category.

2. Oh So Pinteresting – Cynthia Sanchez gives updates on the best way to use Pinterest, as well as interview other business owners and bloggers who have had successful growth through Pinterest.

3. The Social Media Examiner Show – These are shorter, informative shows with a variety of uses and techniques for social media platforms.

Reader Suggestions

Whatcha got??

What podcasts do you listen to? I’ll add them in a ‘Reader Suggestion’ column and tag your blog, if you have one!

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