7 Ways to Feel Productive While Driving

7 Ways to Feel Productive While Driving

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7 Ways to Feel Productive While Driving

…and NO! It does not involve texting all your friends. Or, any of your friends.

Or writing e-mail. Or typing anything at all. Because that is bad!

Too many people use their time in the car to text people back, or check Facebook, or Instagram pictures of people’s license plates.

I was driving home the other day, and came to stop light. I looked around at the cars on either side of me, and noticed that EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON. had their head down. Staring at (what I presumed to be) their phones!

Can you believe that?! I mean, you probably can. Because we are ALL addicted to our phones. No matter how hard we try to disconnect from our phones, we’ve all probably fallen victim to this at one time or another.

While I was blessed with employment immediately after graduation, that blessing also came with a drastic increase with the amount of drive time I had each day. It ranges from 1.5-2 hours daily.

Which, really SUCKS. I feel like I waste such a huge chunk of my day behind the wheel. And I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way!

And that (along with the revelation that everyone and their mother is too bogged down by their phones – even when they shouldn’t be) led me to this post!

How about we start using our drive time for something productive and STOP using it for mindnumbing distractions that cause accidents and potential deaths on the road. (Sorry for the morbidity, but really, it’s a hazard we all need to stop creating.)

Feeling productive while you drive doesn’t mean you need to actually be DOING something. It just means you need to feel like your time in the car wasn’t wasted. And that means doing anything in the car that you could or would do at home – thus saving time.

Saving time = time not wasted. Fabulous!

1. Listen to Podcasts

I start with this one, because this is what I have been doing almost every single day. I love to learn, and this is a perfect time for it! My favorite podcasts are by Chalene Johnson. You should go download The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe now! Truly amazing content for people trying to better themselves or build a business!

PS. shoutout to myself – Chalene retweeted me the other day. I felt really special. Haha! 🙂

I’m also on the lookout for some general nutrition and health podcasts. If you know of any, please, let me know in the comments!

Chalene Retweet

2. Listen to Audiobooks

So, it’s kinda the same thing here. Only you could find books that are more for entertainment than learning!

Try out some of these popular audiobooks!

3. Phone a friend

No, we won’t be playing Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

Use your time in the car to catch up with old friends or family members who you’ve ‘been meaning to call’ for a while now. And when you hit traffic – be thankful you have more time to talk, rather than angry that you have to spend more time in the car.

4. Talk to God

So many of us choose to be angry about our drive time, and it develops into road rage. Instead, try to use that time a little more peacefully. Your 30-60 minutes in the car is a good time to hash out everything that’s on your mind with Him!

5. Talk to Siri

Have something you want to write, remember, or schedule? Take use of Siri! Or whatever voice recorder you have. As long as you can do so without taking your eyes off the road or too much distraction.

6. Sing!

Ditch the radio and try an old CD or Pandora Radio. Especially if you’ve had a rough day. It’s therapeautic!

7. Shift your driving schedule

If you know traffic will be bad when you are normally done with work, find a gym and workout nearby work so you have a shorter drive home. Or, go meet up with a friend! Go for a walk. Or just go into work earlier, so you can leave earlier? It’s an option for some.

What do you do to make use of your drive time?

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