5K training

I had to be to campus early today to get some things started in the lab, so that only allowed me about 30 minutes to fit in a workout this morning. I went and ran a little over one mile just to add something onto my Rock ‘n Roll Challenge for the day. After stretching, I managed to complete half of my Plank It Out circuit before I realized I was running low on time.


I kept the cooking simple this morning, and put together an egg, avocado, and Roma tomato sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin.

I skipped turkey bacon only because I didn’t really have time to make it.

Training for a 5K?

My friend Ashley, who wants to run the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon with me next year, sent me some training plans for the half the other day. When I was driving to school this morning, I was thinking about that fact that there are probably training plans for a 5K, just like there are for a longer race. So, I went to Google to investigate, and found several.

  • Runner’s World – they had several plans, including one for beginners (this word does not look like it’s spelled right this morning). But, you have to pay for these plans, the beginner plan was $20.
  • Fitness Magazine – This was a 6 week plan
  • Mayo Clinic – This was a 7 week plan
  • Shape Magazine – This was a 7 week plan that appeared to be much less intense than any of the others, as it only had you working out 2 days during the week, never running more than 20 minutes, and up to 3.5 mile runs one day of the weekend.
  • Hal Higdon – This jumped out at me because it was one of the same trainers who constructed a plan that Ashley had sent me for the half marathon. (After reading about him, it seems this is a legitimate training plan to follow)

Hal Higdon Novice 5K Training Program

I haven’t been really training for this 5K at all. I’ve just started running to see what I could do, knowing that my 5K race goal is for completion, not to beat a certain time. Since my 5K is on a Thursday, not a Sunday, it appears that I should have rested today and should rest tomorrow. While I haven’t followed any plan like this, I have been building up my running distance over the past few weeks, so I guess in hindsight that was a good decision. Even though the 5K I ran on my own on Sunday was a bit difficult because I had to push myself, it was by no means impossible to do again. So, I think that I’ve been doing okay on the training part.

I still want to fit in a 20-30 minute walk tonight, since my workout was cut short. Looking at some of the other plans, a long walk two days before the race is what is suggested. As far as taking the whole day off to rest tomorrow…I’ll have to see how antsy I get to workout. 🙂

Barkley time!

Despite my lack of time to get extra cooking done this morning, I was still able to get in a little bit of play time with Barkley. He said he needed the attention.

I’ve gotten really excited because Barkley learned how to shake! He get so serious when he does. He will probably make a good business man some day.

My favorite Barkley face is when he forgets about his lips being so big and leaves them tucked inside his mouth. Definite Elvis lip going on here.

This pup is quite the character.

Play time is over. I’m off to get some reading and work done. Adios!

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