5 Simple Ways to Get More Visitors on Your Blog

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Even if we blog just as a hobby, it’s always nice to have people coming back to your website or blog. It must mean we are producing some good content, right? Not only that – it’s a fun way to make some friends! There are several important (but simple) things you can do to make sure people can not only find you again, but get your content shared and get more visitors to blog.

5 ways to get more visitors

1. Display social media follow buttons at the top of your blog

There are tons of different types of social media follow plug-ins to choose from, and makes it really easy for people to find you again. This is often the first thing I look for when I find a new blog I like, or a post from a blog that I want to share. I get frustrated when I can’t find them, or they are all in a different place with a different widget. Especially if I want to share a post on Twitter, but can’t find their twitter handle!

2. Post quality images and pinnable graphics.

Pinterest is a fantastic resource to help grow your blog. For this reason, it’s really important to have good quality pictures on your blog that people can pin and bring new visitors to your site! Ok, I get that good quality pictures might not be very ‘simple,’ and in fact sometimes can take a lot of work. But, you DON’T have to have a super fancy camera for this, either. All the pictures on my blog are taken with my iPhone! No, they may not be the BEST quality compared to some of the food photographers out there, but if you have good lighting and a good program for editing, you can make them look FoodGawker worthy.

Use PicMonkey or one of these other great programs to edit your photos! PicMonkey is all I’ve been using lately to create pinnable graphics like the one above.

Need ideas for food photography? I’ve got you covered there, too.

Follow Slim Sanity’s board Food Photography on Pinterest.

(Learn how to embed a pinterest board! It’s super easy.)

3. Use catchy headlines.

I used to be very generic with my headlines. Or they were just kinda boring. Knowing how to write a catchy headline might take some work, but they can better drawer in readers! Sometimes, if you host or participate in link-ups, a generic headline might work for you. But I try to title my posts something I think a reader might want to see, instead of ‘WIAW #33,’ for example! You can learn how to write better headlines from HubSpot.

That being said, see if you can make them SEO friendly, too.

4. Put something in the footer!

Take advantage of people scrolling through your site to hook them into staying a little bit longer. You can do this by using your footer!

5. Be consistent.

Try the best you can to post content on a regular schedule. Posting the same type of content on a regular schedule can help, too! For example, I try to do all my fitness posts on Mondays, and recipes on Tuesdays. And Blog Tip Fridays! (Which seems to be one of the posts people remember to look for.) While this doesn’t always happen, I think it helps me, and I hope it helps readers know what they’re finding when they visit my site.

Consistent fonts and colors help tie your blog together, too. Makes for a nice visual!

What tips do you have for getting people to come back to your site?

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