5 Reasons Why I Like MyFitnessPal

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I’m a healthy living blogger. But I’m also human. I don’t always eat what would be deemed ‘healthy’ by the fittest of fit. Most of the time, I just eat and want to eat things that are healthy.

But then there are times like a birthday week followed by a trip to Las Vegas, and all that healthy-intuitive-80/20 turned into more of a 50/50 plus happy hour.

‘Do you count calories?’

I see this question asked a lot, not necessarily to myself, but to so many healthy living bloggers out there. Many of them say no. And that’s cool, because most of the time, I don’t either.

That being said, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing to continue to do on a regular basis. Do whatever works for you! Using an app like MyFitnessPal can help keep you in check. Or get you back on track to shed a few pounds you put on in the month of September (yep, that would be me!).

So, since I’ve hinted I need to get back on track with healthy eating (think an extended version of the 7 Day Cleanse) I thought I’d show y’all why I like to use My Fitness Pal.

1. The food data base

MyFitnessPal has a ginormous food data base. Almost anything you can imagine is in there. I’ve only had to add a food once or twice in the 4 years that I’ve used it.

They have a great fitness data base too, although I almost always use my Polar heart rate monitor for my workouts. MyFitnessPal allows you to create your own workouts, so you can title it, give the time duration, and the amount of calories your Polar says you burned for more accuracy.

2. You get lots of data

I’m a scientist, so I like data. Numbers are fun for me. (Nerd alert.) So I LOVE that you can track everything with MyFitnessPal. Some weight management apps only do calories, but here you an track all of the following:
This definitely came in handy when I was tracking cholesterol.

3. It’s customizable

You can set up your profile to tell MyFitnessPal how much weight you want to lose or if you want to maintain. It then suggests guidelines for calories, macros, and nutrients to follow. If you have been at the healthy eating game for a while, you probably know what works best for you, and you can go online and change everything you want, including your macro-nutrient percentages.
I’ve found that I feel my best for cleansing when I eat at these macro-nutrient percentages. My eating has actually adapted pretty close to it on its own without me having to check what macros I should be consuming more. However, they are likely to change on any day depending on my avocado and PB intake!

To change your macros on My Fitness Pal

  1. On the ‘Home’ tab, click ‘Goals.’
  2. Click the green button on the bottom that says ‘Change goals.’
  3. Choose ‘Custom’ if you know what macro percentages you want to follow, you can only change them under that setting. The ‘Guided’ option is similar to what you can do on the mobile app.
  4. Set your desired goals, and hit the ‘Change goals’ button.

4. Calculate nutrition info for recipes

It’s super easy to calculate the nutritional information for your own recipes. To do this:
  1. Go online to the ‘Food’ tab.
  2. Click ‘Recipes.’
  3. Select ‘Enter a new recipe.’
  4. Give the recipe a name, number of servings, and start adding ingredients!
*Note: I didn’t add in any calories from seasonings. I usually don’t because they aren’t high in caloric density.

This gives you a calorie and macro breakdown. To see the breakdown with all the nutrients and minerals, I will generally pull it up on the mobile app. For example, here is the nutritional info for the Paleo Cauliflower Chicken Casserole shown above.

5. You can find friends

Using MyFitnessPal alone helps to keep me accountable, but you can find friends to help keep you accountable too. Feel free to find and add me here! User name: slimsanity.
Do you use MyFitnessPal? What other health and fitness mobile apps do you use?

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