30 minute incline treadmill workout

When I was driving home from school yesterday, I was so exhausted. It was a busy day at school, and staring at the computer all day sometimes gives me a bit of a headache. I was almost home, when I got a tweet from Kyle. (Yes, sometimes tweeting is better than texting). From the conversation below, you can deduce what we ended up having for dinner, and also why I have found my soul mate.
Good old Taco Bell. Some people hate it. Some people love it. We love it. So, after getting Barkley on a walk we drove on over and picked up some goods. I of course went with my favorite go-to item on the menu, the crunch wrap supreme. 
Just one cheat meal for the day, and it was delicious. We enjoyed it while watching DVR’d episodes of House and Castle, and also had some puppy play time. He must have missed us, because he seemed to be a very happy pup!
As 5:30 AM rolled around, I wanted a good sweaty workout this morning, and that’s what I got. I again debated on going for a run or a treadmill workout, but I figured I’d be able to push myself better this morning on the treadmill. So off to the gym I went.
I was glad I decided on the treadmill, because I initially thought I’d do an incline workout of 20 minutes, and it ended up being 30. I definitely pushed myself a little with this workout, using increasing incline intervals on a fast walk/jog pace with a couple speed intervals.
20 minutes probably would have been a lot easier to look at. But when I was starting my initial cool down, I wanted to get one more fast speed burst in there. Usually when I do an interval workout, I do full incline at a fast walk pace, which gets super boring. This workout seemed to fly by though, because every minute or two I was doing something different. Some of the intervals might look a little choppy, but that’s because I had to slow down to catch my breath. My goal for next time is to try and get some faster, longer speed intervals. Since running has never been my specialty, that is something I’ll have to work on! 
My legs were definitely burning on my walk home. I went for an egg sandwich, because it would be easy to eat while I was prepping my lunch for later on today. 
A toasted whole wheat English muffin, over hard egg, two pieces of turkey bacon, and some melted mozzarella. 
I then got ready and had to run a couple of Barkley errands. It seems all of his chew toys have been thoroughly chewed, and he was in need of some new ones. Now it’s time to try and get some reading and work done at school. See you later!
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