The 200 Squat Leg Day

The 200 Squat Leg Day

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Leg day has been back in full force. It’s starting to actually become enjoyable.

I never, ever though I’d say that. It must be a phase!

My all time favorite leg exercise is the plie squat. In this workout, I added several weighted plies. Usually I grab the round weights that get added to barbells, because they’re a little less awkward to hold with both hands than a dumbbell.

In an effort to continue challenging myself on leg day, I added single leg squats to this workout. For a single leg squat, I’ll place one foot on the workout bench, and make sure there’s enough space between my front foot and the bench to ensure my squat doesn’t bring my knee over my toes of my frontward leg. These are tough! I have yet to add any kind of weight to them – body weight is enough of a challenge for me right now.

Here’s my latest leg day workout!

the 200 squat leg day

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Make sure you’re using good form! Check out any unfamiliar moves here.
Weighted plie squats
Dumbbell calf raises
Smith machine squats
Single leg squats (Perform without barbell)
Dumbbell squats
Dumbbell deadlifts (same form, just using dumbbells)

What’s your favorite workout right now?

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